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PhD Position in Rheology of 2D-inks at CEFT/FEUP (Portugal)

Dear colleagues,

We open a PhD position for a researcher with a MSc degree (Mechanical Engineering/Chemical Engineering/Engineering Physics/Physics/Bioengineering) to work in our research group on the framework of the project entitled ”Rheologically optimized 2D-material-based inks - RheoOptimized2Dinks”. Laura Campo Deaño and I will guide his/her work. The call is open from 18/06/2018 to 29/06/2018 and it would be desirable that he/she could start to work by 27/07/2018. Please find attached a pdf file containing all the information of the call, which can also be reached at the following link:

We believe this could be a nice opportunity for recently graduated people who wanted to do a PhD on the topic of rheology of inks based on 2D nanomaterials.

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