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RE-CITY: FEUP parceirra em projeto Marie Curie que ficou em 1ºlugar 

O projeto RE-CITY- Reviving shrinking cities – innovative paths and perspectives towards livability for shrinking cities in Europe, uma ação Marie Curie, para formação de Early Stage Researchers no domínio da reestruturação do planeamento urbano.

Resumo do Projeto:
“Processes of shrinkage are multidimensional phenomena encompassing cities, parts of cities, or regions that are experiencing a dramatic decline in their economic and social bases. While the causal factors are diverse and complex, the most evident factor in shrinkage is a loss of employment opportunities and out-migration of the population. Previous research by the beneficiaries has pointed out that decline is enduring, and shrinkage is most probably jeopardizing the prosperity of European competitiveness. Moreover, experts, who are specifically trained in leadership and management of shrinkage processes, are in short supply throughout Europe. Through this RE-CITY ETN, new approaches and success factors for shrinking cities will be explored and evaluated. RE-CITY provides a perspective for the robust and sustainably sound development of shrinking cities while supporting elements of economic prosperity, liveability, social stability and innovation. 
This ETN will develop novel solutions for shrinking cities, and investigate case studies approaches for dealing with shrinking cities in terms of four innovative key themes: conceptualizing shrinking smart, governing, greening/right-sizing, and regrowing shrinking cities. On this basis RE-CITY applications will be developed: a tangible framework of tools and methods including planning instruments. 
The RE-CITY ETN aims at training highly skilled experts for the four key themes of shrinking cities noted above, enabling them to act as leaders, mediators, and consultants of change while fostering innovative solutions.“

A Investigadora Principal da FEUP neste projeto é a Professora Isabel Vazquez, do Departamento de Engenharia Civil.

Importante salientar que esta Marie Curie foi uma das propostas financiadas com avaliação de 100/100!