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Dear Colleagues,
Dear Students,

Next Wednesday, September 13, Prof. Michelangelo Laterza, of the University of Basilicata, Italy, presents a seminar entitled “Analysis and retrofit of RC existing Structures: Developments of analytical and experimental models”, in room Prof. Joaquim Sarmento (G129), between 12:00 and 13:00.

The seminar takes place in the framework of the CONSTRUCT (Institute of R&D in Structures and Construction) activities.

A short biography of Prof. Laterza is included here:

Michelangelo Laterza has graduated in engineering in 1992 at the University of Basilicata, he has obtained Doctorate at the University of Salerno in 1996. From 2001 up to 2010 he has been Assistant Professor in Structural Engineering at the University of Basilicata (Engineering Faculty). Since 2010 he is Associate Professor in Structural Engineering at the University of Basilicata (Faculty of Architecture). He is Coordinator of ELARCH (www.elarch.org) ERASMUS MUNDUS ACADEMIC NETWORK of 20 Euro and Latin-American Universities, member of the Academic Senate and has been Vice-Rector for the Internationalization. His scientific activity has addressed the topics of modeling and nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete structures, of passive seismic protection (seismic isolation) and strengthening techniques for structures, of vulnerability analysis of structures and infrastructures in seismic zones, of the RC confinement. He participated, also in quality of scientific responsible, to many experimental research programs (Lab tests carried out on RC columns, RC Joints, Seismic Isolators (HDRB’s), Dissipative braces and to a series of field release testing carried out on a real Base Isolated Building to study seismic behavior of different seismic isolation systems). In the project “Industrial Dynamic Laboratory of Basilicata” he was the scientific Associate Coordinator, supervisor and designer of the laboratory equipped to perform Pseudodynamic tests on full scale specimens and structures. He is reviewer for many Scientific Journals (ACI Structural Journal, Engineering Structures, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE Journal of Material in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering & Mechanics, Earthquakes and Structures, Advances in Structural Engineering, The Open Construction & Building Technology Journal).

Those interested in the topic are invited to participate.