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WIBE 2017 Prize

The subject of WIBE 2017 Prize is a Paper in the field of Bridge Engineering.

The winner of the WIBE 2017 Prize will be the author or authors of a “Paper” that demonstrates the greatest potential of innovation and contributes to the development of Bridge Engineering worldwide, selected by a qualified Jury that is to be essentially nominated by the most recognized international associations (10/13 members).

THE PRIZE: 50.000 USD$

The Promotors are the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto  (FEUP) and the Bridge Engineering Solutions company – BERD.

Please note some important Key Dates:

Now: Pre-Registration Opened

31st Dec 2015: Official Regulation Online & Registration Opening

Please find attached our WIBE announcement Poster that we kindly ask you to distribute in you institution/ company. 

Check out the WIBE site for more information: