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The R&D activity of Faculty and investigators envolves a wide-spectrum of areas, directly related, or with great affinity, to chemical engineering, under the perspective of both applied and fundamental research.

In terms of organization, the national research system is based on Laboratories that formally constitute Research & Development Units that dependend on a Host Institution and on the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Four Research & Development Units work under scientific coordination of department's Faculty members and have the Faculty of Engineering as host institution.


lsre lcm lepae


The partnership of LSRE and LCM is recognized as Associate Laboratory since November 2004 by the Portuguese Ministério da Ciência e Tecnologia e do Ensino Superior.


The status of Associate Laboratory is presented to Portuguese research institutions, with high merit recognized by external evaluations, based on the assessment of the institution capacity to cooperate in a stable, knowledgeable and efficient manner, in the prosecution of national technologic and science policy specific objectives.

The majority of the department's Faculty develops scientific activity within these Units, while the rest works either in R&D Units external to the Faculty of Engineering,



or autonomously.

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