Pre-Congress Course

A EAT certified Pre—Congress Medical Thermography 1-day course, on the September 5th, 2012.


The course will be divided in two parts, theoretical and practical. The course topics will include the following topics:

Fundaments of thermal physics

Camera recording and operation

Thermal physiology

Provocation tests

Dynamic Thermography

Image Analysis


Before June 30th, 2012 — Price: 125€

From July 1st, 2012 — Price: 150€

Congress Non-Participants — Price: 250€


Course Program

Course Instructors:

Prof. Francis Ring, Univ. Glamorgan, UK

Prof. Kurt Ammer, Hannushkraus Institute, EAT Secretary, Austria

Prof. James Mercer, Univ. of Tromsoe, EAT President, Norway

Prof. Roderick Thomas, Univ. of Wales, UK

Prof. Joaquim Gabriel Mendes, Univ. of Porto, Portugal

Dr. Peter Plassmann, Univ. Glamorgan, UK

Dr. Ricardo Vardasca, Univ. Minho, Portugal