The video clips on this page were created with a small application - xvidcap, that uses the codec pack ffmpeg to capture video from the screen to mpeg or avi files.

The final touch was done with mencoder.

After all applications were installed and configured, I used this set of commands:

Video capture:

xvidcap --cap_geometry 1024x768+0+0 --file out3.avi --gui no --time 240 --fps 12

In the xvidcap preferences I have: “ codec: MPEG4 “ (supported by divx5)

Converting the video file to the desired format:

mencoder -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vqscale=3:vhq:v4mv:trell:autoaspect -vf scale -zoom -xy 640 -info name="Lsongs & SUSE Linux":artist="Andre Lourenco":copyright="(c) Andre Lourenco 2004":srcform="xvidcap" out3.avi -o title11.avi

This video shows some features of YAST - SUSE LINUX control panel.

This one shows, between other things, the music software Lsongs created by Linspire, running on SUSE LINUX. Since this program is opensource, it was quite easy to get it even though I'm not running Linspire OS.

The NVIDIA 1.0-6106 driver has a new application (nvidia-settings) with lots of functionality. This clip shows some good stuff provided by this utility but it's limited to my graphic card features. GPU thermal information, for example, is not provided by my low-end card.

Using crossover office 3, I installed Internet Explorer on linux and tried to run windows-update (I thought that it would give me an error or so). This video shows that it's working quite well, and now I have IExplorer up-to-date. ;)

NX software is able to transport X-Window, RDP and RFB remote desktop sessions with astonishing speed and ease of use. This small video show the NX client ease of use and configuration options.

Xorg Introduced a new technology that allows users to make use of translucent windows with accelerated graphics – at least with nvidia hardware. This video shows kaffeine playing a movie trailer (using x11 driver for compatibility reasons) while a window gets over it.

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