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CV abreviado Publications Full Professor at the University of Porto, Department of Computer Science (Informatics Engineering), Faculty of Engineering, founder and Coordinator of the DAIAS- Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Agent-based Simulation Group. Responsible for the new Informatics Engineering Department start-up (2007 - March 2008). Former Coordinator of the Informatics Section of the Electrotechnical and Computing Department at FEUP, University of Porto.
Co-Founder and Director (2011-2016) of LIACC- Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Laboratory at the University of Porto (including different groups from the Faculties of Sciences and Engineering).
Founder and Director (2005-2018) of PRODEI, the Doctoral Program in Informatics Engineering at FEUP.
Creator and former responsible at FEUP for the Master of Sciences course on Artificial Intelligence and Computing (ended in 2006).
Creator and former Director of the Master of Sciences course on Informatics Engineering at FEUP, University of Porto (ended in 2010).
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Events and Program CoCHAIR of the 18th EPIA Conference in Artificial Intelligence Opening EPIA 2017 Opening the EPIA 2017 Conference. A few Pictures:1,2,3,4,5,6

He was a member of AGENTLink European Network of Excellence and the respective SIG on Electronic Commerce (finished 2006).

He was portuguese representative at the network "Agreement Technology" COST Action Management Committe.
A member of the Scientific Council for Informatics Engineering Masters course (MIEIC).
A member of the Advisory Committee of APPIA (Poruguese Artificial Intelligence Association)

  A member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering", InderScience

  A member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal
Progress in Artificial Intelligence


A member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal
"Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems", Springer 
(Until 2013).

   A member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal
"Intelligent Decision Technologies", IOS Press.

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Mail: Faculdade de Engenharia, RuaDr. Roberto Frias, 4200-465 PORTO, PORTUGAL
Fax: + (351) 22 508 1413
Phone: +(351) 22 508 1829

Research Activities

I have been involved, for the last 40 years with research in the following areas: First with Logic Programming, Knowledge Based Systems, Intelligent Robotics and, since 1989, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Agents with Emotion-like states, Text Mining. All these subjects are still active at our Research Group DAIAS Group (NIADSA) .

A short power point Presentation on former NIAD&R work can be found HERE

The key concept around which our efforts are now being made is Artificial Social Intelligence. Our principal aim is to make it possible that sophisticated problems can be solved through the intelligent interaction of Distributed Cooperative Agents. This objective leads to research in Agent architectures, Tools for building multi-agent communities, strategies for interaction, including cooperation and conflict resolution, truth maintenance in open, distributed environments and applications. The Group has about 10 members (including PhD students) working in three main directions: Distributed AI, Intelligent Robotics and KBS Applications .

We have been involved in several Research Projects and some of them have descriptions available (see DAIAS-Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Agent-based Simulation Laboratory and the link "RESEARCH" for more updated details)

Brief descriptions:


Courses I teach (untill 2018)

  • MIEIC- Master in Computing and Informatics Engineering (5 Years course):
  •  Artificial Intelligence
  • Agents and Distributed Artificial Intelligence
  • Logic Programming
  • ProDEI- Doctoral Program in Informatics Engineering (FEUP):
  • Multi-Agent Systems  (also in )
  • Methodologies for Scientific Research
  • Research Planning
  • Technologies for Electronic Business
  • Robotics
  • MAP-Tele:- Doctoral Program in Telecommunications (Univ. Minho, Aveiro, Porto):
  • MAPI:- Doctoral Program in Informatics (CS) (Univ. Minho, Aveiro, Porto):
  • Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS/MAP-I)

  • Projects (some Student Projects: includes ERASMUS internships) 
  • Short Biography

    Eugenio Oliveira graduated in 1972 in Electronics and immediately went to Switzerland where he was a R&D Engineer at Brown Bovery (now ABB) Electronics Lab. In 1975 he joined University of Porto and, between 1980 and 1984 he was with the AI group at the New University of Lisbon where he got his PhD. He developed, at that time the first real-size, real-life Prolog Expert System which was sold to the portuguese government. The aim was to help on territory management by giving advice mainly based on ecological and biophysical descriptors. He was awarded, together with his supervisor L.M.Pereira, the Gulbenkian Prize for Science and Technology. In 1985 he was "guest Academic" at IBM/International Education Center in La Hulpe, Belgium where he was testing a new VM Prolog and developing a small project on Expert System Shells. Since 1986 he is teaching AI and Intelligent Robotics, both at the graduate and post- graduate level, at University of Porto in Portugal, where he coordinates DAIAS (former DAI&R), a Research Group on Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Agent-based Simulation (former "and Intelligent Robotics"). He belongs to the Coordination Board of LIACC and was Director (2008-09). He was creator and Director of the Doctoral Program in Informatics Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering (2005-2018), University of Porto. He was also Director of the Masters course on Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems at the University of Porto. He was Area Chairman (Enabling Technologies and Systems, Robotics) for ECAI (European Conference on Artificial Intelligence) in 92 and 94. He was a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal "Agents and Multi-Agent Systems" (ed. by Springer) and "Agent Oriented Software Engineering" (Inderscience). He, and his group, were a full partner for the European project on DAI applications (ARCHON) which aimed at developing an Architecture for Cooperative Heterogeneous on-line Systems. He is also responsible for bilateral projects, one with QMWC/Univ. London (Dr. N. Jennings) on Conflict Resolution for Multi-Agent Systems and others in the H2020 Program. He was responsible by several bilateral projects. He also was the coordinator of an ALFA Project including research groups from France, UK and Brasil. He and his group, DAIAS (former DAI&R), belonged to AGENTLink European Network of Excellence and the respective SIG on Electronic Commerce. He was portuguese representative in the Management Committe of "Agreement Technologies" COST Action (ended October 2012). Eugenio Oliveira is supervising several PhD theses on MAS- Multi Agent Systems and Text Mining related subjects.
    He was  Director and responsible for the start-up of the Informatics Engineering  (Computer Science and Engineering) Department at the Engineering Faculty, University of Porto.
  • He belongs to the Scientific Board of Gulbenkian Foundation for the New Talents in AI.

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