Eduarda Mendes Rodrigues

Assistant Professor

Short Bio


I'm an assistant professor at the Department of Informatics Engineering, at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto since September 2009. My research interests lie in the broad areas of data mining and web information retrieval. In particular, my current research is focused on the interplay between social sciences and web technologies, aiming to develop effective data mining techniques for characterizing user behavior in online communities and improving information retrieval in social media.


I obtained the Licenciatura degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Porto, Portugal, in 1998, graduating amongst the top 10% students, and the Ph.D. degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from University College London, UK in 2005, making contributions to an European-funded e-Learning project.


Prior to joining the University of Porto I was a post-doctoral researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge, with the Integrated Systems group since January 2006. I contributed to several research projects covering areas such as web mining, social network analysis and personal information management. Before that I spent six years at the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department, University College London, first pursuing my Ph.D. studies and subsequently working as a research fellow in a EPSRC-funded project in the area of Grid computing.


Before starting my Ph.D. I worked as a research engineer for over a year at the Telecommunications and Multimedia Unit of the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering of Porto (INESC Porto), Portugal, contributing to two European-funded projects in the area of distributed multimedia applications.


I have published in top international venues and my work at Microsoft Research has led to three US patent applications.




Email: eduardamr
Phone: +351 22 508 1832
VoIP: 3912
Office: I 226

Mailing address:
DEI - FEUP, University of Porto
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, s/n
4200-465 Porto, Portugal


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