This website was created for the course "Dissertation" from Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto entitled " Adaptive equalization of interchip communication " this project was proposed by Synopsys,inc and has the objective to study methods of adaptive equalization to improve communication reliability in very high speed Interfaces used in the HDMI and MIPI protocols.

mipi hdmi


As link communication speed increases problems derived from channel distortion and multipath become a major issue as they cause Inter Symbol Interference.ISI is the interference of a symbol in neighbouring bits caused by the limited bandwith of a communication channel ,ISI is one of the major obstacles in reliable high speed data communication,so the study of its compensation or elimination becomes crucial task.

Main Goals

In this work the efforts will be focused in the construction of a fully adaptive system using a continuous time Linear equalizer and a Decision feedback equalizer. The adaptation system must be as simple as possible to comply with power and area restrictions but yet be capable of providing good ISI reduction at the full range of bit Rates used in the interface.

Possible solutions must be compared in terms of implementation cost, performance, complexity and Power consumption.