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Motorized Microscope Stage for Smartphone

The goal of this page is to present the project enumerated, proposed by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS and developed by me, João Carlos Viseu Oliveira, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dirk Elias. My presentation can be found here.

The website contains several important sections. In Presentation are debated all the fundamentals of the project, starting with motivation and finishing with the planning. In Development will be presented all the relevant stages of the project during its execution. In Reports (Weekly and Meeting) will be stored all weekly and meeting summaries. In Team (FEUP and Fraunhofer) are present all relevant participants in the project from Fraunhofer and FEUP. In Bibliography are presented all the used bibliography for the project and it will always be updated until the end of the project. Finally, in Conclusion, when relevant, will be presented a final overview of the project joined with suggestions for the next steps for the development. Repository represents the save spot for all files relevant and/or needed to comprehend every step of the project.


The goal of this thesis is to develop a motorized XY microscope stage that will be driven by a smartphone. The stage will need to move with resolutions of 200 to 300 microns and a total travel of 200 mm. The student will need to analyze the different options to motorize the stage either using Piezoeletric or step motors. The development will have three components:

  • Stepper/Piezoeletric motors
  • A drive circuit, possibility to use a Arduino board;
  • Smart phone as the controller device

The communications between arduino and the smartphone will be done either through USB or Wi-Fi. The student will need to implement a controller application in the smartphone so that a blood smear in the microscope slide will follow a predetermined route to be scanned using the smartphone camera or navigate through the slide using a joystick smartphone alike app.

The result of this thesis will be integrated in the ICT4D MalariaScope project that aims to develop a full automated solution to diagnose malaria disease.

João Oliveira 2014/03/23 22:59

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