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July 27, 2006:
Time for another update. Now you can see what I consider the most relevant projects in my academic route. Just go to the Projects section to see them. The Web section also has some stuff for you, it's just a collection of links that I find somewaht usefull or simply amusing, hope you enjoy some of them. I've also added one more rss feed, this time to Google News.


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Welcome to my personal site.

This is a very simple website that is being made for the sole purpose of assisting the intership process at FEUP. But I also used this opportunity to make some more content. So, here you can find information about me, my tastes and a very simple overview of my academic road. Among some other things that you might not find so useful but I wanted to write also. This is in english because I really need to practice my writing skills.

On the left side of the website, you can find the navigation bar. Explore the different sections, each one of them gives you some insight about me, the things I like to do and my places of choice in this digital world that is the internet. Below that there is a small box that will be updated with the latest information about this website, new content, new pages, new everything.

On the other side you have an assorment of stuff that I just thought it would be nice to put there, it's just a bunch of stuff I find somewhat useful and amusing, with no other purpose besides my own pleasure. Oh, minus the links to my CV, that's serious. Of course in the center part there is the actual content. You know this is really a simple and regular layout. I found it in OSWD and liked it, because I didn't want to reinvent the wheel, I used it. Enjoy your stay o/