Hélder Moreira

Software Engineer


+351 - 918-948-621


I'm a guy that was born in the great generation of 1990 and that developed a thing for computers early in his life. Always wanted to work either with dolphins or with computers. Since there is only one place in Portugal to work with dolphins, I'm a software engineer. And since I'm a fan of agile development, I'll make this agile for you. Why am I the right man for the job? Scroll down.



I'm able to work with various technologies and different platforms. I have worked lately in mobile and web applications mostly but throughout my masters I've come across various technologies from the high-level to the low-level ones.

Project Direction

I'm able to lead and manage a wide variety of development projects in team and independent situations, gained through various projects while at my masters degree.


In a world where new technologies are introduced every day, my education has allowed me to grow to be proactive and agile, reacting to change and searching for a solution to the problems that emerge.


  • C/C++
  • Java
  • C#
  • .NET
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • SQL
  • Android
  • Prolog
  • jQuery


C2S - Centro de Software e Serviços Lda.


January 2011-Present

Responsible for developing a web platform for the company's product, an information system aimed at medical facilities running in more than 50 clinics around the country and for developing for the information system itself.

Other relevant work

Bombeiro do Futuro

ASP.NET / SQL Server

Team leader


Team leader of the team that developed the project Bombeiro do Futuro for Freedow Grow Lda. in the LGPR course. The project consisted in a platform that was able to help firefighters make better decisions, by providing live data of the firefighters and veichles in the field (vital sensors, position, water, fuel avaliability and others). The application provided also historic data to allow further analisys of which areas were the most affected and compare that through the years.



Github (soon on Google Play)


Game that allows the user to enter a virtual world where anyone is able to drop draws in various locations. The goal of the game is to travel the world, guessing draws placed by other users.


Ruby on Rails / Java (Weka) / Python


Navya is an online news aggregator that uses machine learning algorithms to classify news collected from different sources and allows the user to browse news based on subject regardless of the source.


Ruby on Rails / jQuery / Android / Java

Website / Android


Platform that allows the user to access sales and promotions in various shopping centers. Has both mobile (Android) and web support.

Movie Advisor


Google Play


Application that allows the user to manage his favourite movies, organizing them in list (to see, seen and so on). Provides also all the information related to a movie (actors, director, rating, poster, trailer, etc) and is able to suggest movies to the user based on his previous preferences.


Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Masters in Informatics Engineering (currently 5th year)


Expected average grade: 16 out of 20

Escola Secundária de Gondomar

Science and technologies area


Average grade: 16 out of 20

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