So, who is this guy after all?

I'm a creative, very dynamic and dedicated guy who loves challenges and seeks more knowledge. I'm still finishing my master degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering at FEUP.
I easily adapt to almost any work environment, always trying to bring a good mood to teams and only feeling satisfied with top notch products. I see myself as an all-rounder and if I don't know what you need, not a problem, I'm a fast learner.

Areas of interest

I have a particular interest in everything related to gaming industry, augmented and virtual reality, computer vision, web and mobile development, distributed systems, parallel computation and, aside from that, everything in software development and solution engineering.

What skills he has to offer?

I always try to expand my knowledge learning new technologies so I can know a bit of every taste and better understand the limitations when developing new software.
These are just some of the things that I am using these days.

C | C++
WebGL | Three.js

Where has he been wasting time?


Oct 92


Went to Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto to study Informatics and Computation Engineering.

Sep 10

Software Developer @ Casas Em Movimento

As a startup, "Casas Em Movimento" ("Houses In Motion") is trying to show the world the next generation of green houses! My duty, as part of a small team, is to develop web, mobile and some other software, as well as doing some research.

Jun 14

Master Thesis @ FEUP

Started to work on master thesis about the use of passive haptics in virtual reality experiences.

Fev 15

Who knows

Probably just praying to see if the problem solves itself...

Right now

Can you challenge him?

If you think that you need a guy like me or perhaps are interested donating your money for bit of awesome work feel free to contact me and get a place for me in your company.