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The QR Wiki proposes a repository of information about the built environment, using the QR codes as a cataloguing tool for various building elements.
In this repository, it will be possible to find a set of information about various type building systems that explain how the buildings where we live are built.

The page is compromised of several sections: QR Codes which could be used for a treasure hunt game the codes could be pasted on the materials they refer to and students will have to identify them. BIM models are done by students and tutorials on how to do the BIM models. Virtual Reality models are samples of work done and Unity tutorials to use and develop your own unity walkthroughs. Sketchup models are done by students for rooftops slabs and building as a building solution, with QR codes.

The QR Wiki fits into a set of initiatives from the Educational Lab - BigMachine (ELBigMAC) In the Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto.
Click on QR Wiki Índice Principal to access the building systems repository.

QR code Treasure Hunt Procedure

The QR codes QR Codes should be printed and placed on the element it resembles. During the game Scan the QR code with your phones, open the link and find the first element on the bottom of the page which also contains these instructions (Tasks for the next element are always at the end of the wiki pages which open by scanning QR codes). The next steps are:

• Take a photo of the element together with its accompanying QR code.

• Scan the QR code on the element in the ElBigMAC house. When you scan the code, the link will take you to the wiki page which will instruct you to find that same element, but this time somewhere in the real-life application, in the surroundings of the ElBigMAC house.

• Find that element in the surroundings and also first take a photo of both the element and the QR code.

• Scan the QR code. The wiki page on the link will then ask you to find the next element which you need to find in the ElBigMAC house.

• You repeat the steps above until you have found all seven pairs of the QR codes.

Project Libraries

QR Wiki Índice Principal

Modelos BIM

Modelos de Realidade Virtual

QR Codes

Big Mac eBook

Download Page for the Big Mac eBook

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