Our Vision

Civil Engineering is spread all around us, building and shaping societies. ELBigMAC project intends to demonstrate the wide range of technologies and activities that come across the formation and professional work of a Civil Engineer. .

BIGmac houses
Portuguese Collaboration

The Portuguese house was made in a way to have removable walls, by this the students can make wall prototypes in the BIGmac cell and place them on the BIGmac house walls. By this the students could learn to develop solutions depending on the environmental surroundings, such as climate, temperature, sound, humidity etc. test them and propose different solutions.

Greek Collaboration

In this house students can understand how the instrumentation of a building can be done. The “House” was built mainly with wooden parts and following the same patterns and design as the other “Houses” at the Universities of Porto and Zagreb. The has been constructed in such a way, to be able to face even extreme weather conditions, like snow.

Croatian Collaboration

The Croatian house is a modular house done to teach the construction techniques for students. In this house, students can construct the structure in teamwork, always dismount and reconstruct the house again demonstrating the different structural systems.

BIM and VR
Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a methodology designed for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations (AECO) sector, representing a leap into a more technologically advanced industry. The BIM event is envisioned as a secondary student-driven session, comprising an introduction to the methodology (given by a specialist) followed by a workshop. During the event, participants are introduced to the modelling aspects of BIM and how it differs from traditional approaches such as CAD software tools. Virtual Reality (VR) integration is also presented as a technological tool to enhance communication during projects’ design review, particularly amongst users who cannot work with BIM software.
Interactive Equipment
In this eBook there is a collection of activities and manuals to be reproduced.