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University of Zagreb is the oldest and largest higher education institution in Croatia. Established in 1669, it now consists of 33 faculties and academies with approximately 72.000 students. Besides being the largest and oldest, the University of Zagreb has the largest scientific productivity, a total of 51% of Croatia’s scientific publications are produced by its staff. Having in mind the importance of a tolerant and democratic international environment for students' successful learning, scientific and artistic research as well as their personal development, the University strongly supports and promotes international mobility.

One of the faculties in our University is the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Its roots stem from the Technical College which was founded in Zagreb on 1st October 1919. After some administrational changes the Faculty of Civil Engineering emerged as an independent faculty, along with the faculties of Architecture and Geodesy. Today the Faculty employs 186 staff members and approximately 200 students per study year attend undergraduate and graduate study programmes, which offer specialization in 7 fields of civil engineering. Almost 8000 civil engineers have graduated from the Faculty, nearly 700 have completed postgraduate studies and more than 200 have acquired their doctoral degrees. Besides teaching, the Faculty’s staff takes active part in many research projects and collaborates with the industry sector.

Team members
Climate and house location
Fra Andrije Kačića Miošoća 26, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
average dry days p/ month: 19.0
average dry days p/ month: 18.8
2-3h sunshine
7-8h sunshine
avegare min, -2.3ºC (27.9ºF) avegare max, 6.2ºC (43.2ºF)
avegare min, 12.8ºC (55.0ºF) avegare max, 25.0ºC (77.0ºF)

Zagreb’s belongs in the continental region. The characteristics include hot summers with temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius and cold winters with snow and with temperature extremes going often into -15 degrees. Spring and autumn are usually warm with lots of rain.

The house will be located in Zagreb, Croatia. Its microlocation will differ during its lifetime, since it is designed to be disassembled and reassembled. A test assembly will be conducted after production of all the parts. It is anticipated to be constructed during the Universities fair event this November. Its primary assembly will be for the E5 multiplier event. Finally, the house will be displayed at the Faculty.


Big Machine House

The production details and design of the ELBigMAC house were conducted during October. Production of the elements started in September and finished in October. All the elements are now completed and test assembly of the house took place on 6th October 2017.

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Traditional materials and techniques