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U.PORTO, founded in 1911, is today one of the largest higher education and research institutions in Portugal with around 32,500 students, 2,300 academics and researchers and 1,500 administrative staff. It is the PT HEI best positioned in national and international rankings: Times Higher Education 2015 (401-500); ARWU 2015 (301-400); QS 2015 (308); Leiden 2015 (425); NTU 2015 (269); URAP (183) and SCImago 2015(169). It has 14 Faculties, 1 Business School and 60 Research Units located in 3 campuses within Porto. U.PORTO is the 1st choice of around 23% of the PT applicants to the HE System and is also the leading producer of science in Portugal, responsible for 24% of the scientific articles produced in the country (annual growth rate of 12% since 2009). Providing high-quality training and education is of paramount importance to the U.PORTO.

The U.PORTO also has a strong commitment towards society and has been consolidating its social responsibility through the promotion of volunteering projects; intensification of the interaction with several local and regional civil associations in the organization of cultural, social and artistic activities. Internationalisation is one of U.PORTO ́s strategic pillars and objectives, allowing the development of existing collaborations, as well as the establishment of innovative cooperation activities through the creation of active

links with institutions from all over the world (2,200 active agreements). In recent years the U.PORTO has coordinated and been involved in several projects, namely Erasmus+ (particularly International Credit Mobility, Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees, Capacity Building and Strategic Partnerships) and Erasmus Mundus projects, which represented a direct management by U.PORTO of roughly €36 millions. U.PORTO definitely opened its doors to the world by consolidating its internationalization process through the development of projects and initiatives with HEIs from nearly 150 countries

Team members
Climate and house location
R. Dr. Roberto Frias, 4200-465 Porto Portugal
average dry days p/ month: 14
average dry days p/ month: 29
5-6h sunshine
11-12h sunshine
average max: 16ºC (61ºF)
average max: 25ºC (78ªF)

Portugal is mainly characterized by a warm temperate, Mediterranean climate with a distinct wet season in winter. During winter, Portugal experiences a similar temperature pattern to the Spanish coastal towns, i.e. average daytime maxima of about 16°C (61°F). However, the Portuguese resorts are much wetter, with only about 14 dry days on average. Typically, 5-6 hours of sunshine can be expected per day. During summer months, Portugal receives refreshing sea breezes, making for very pleasant conditions. Daytime maximum temperatures reach 25°C (78°F), 11 or 12 hours of sunshine can be expected, and there are as many as 29 dry days per month on average. A gradual warming-up process takes place during the spring months, daytime average maximum temperatures reaching up to 22°C (72°F) by May. The Atlantic-facing coast remains wetter than the Mediterranean-facing Spanish coast, with about 18 dry days per month. Daily sunshine hours number about 10 on average. The northern region benefits from the Atlantic cyclones southern and eastern areas are dominated by the subtropical anticyclone that allows temperatures to rise up to 40°C during summer. As in other regions, September and the first part of October form an extension of summer. Daytime average maximum temperatures can still be as high as 26 °C (79 °F), but will have fallen back to about 17 °C (63 °F) by November. Daily sunshine hours fall back from about 9 hours in September to about 5 or 6 hours in November. The end of the autumn has reverted to being a wet period, with about 12-17 dry days on average per month.

About the Meteorological Station of FEUP

This sensitive remote lab aims to contribute to the urban climate characterization of Porto. Several physical quantities (temperature, wind velocity and direction, pressure, relative humidity, direct and diffuse solar radiation, atmospheric radiation, terrestrial radiation and rainfall), are available every 10 minutes within the Campus of FEUP. All the data is recorded in a database for later use by anyone accessing the system. An IP camera feeds the site with real time video. The data is used in some Civil Engineering courses. In fact, when designing a building it is fundamental to know the surrounding climatic characteristics. Then, care should be taken in the specific design and dimensioning of non-structural elements. Those are essential for guaranteeing the success of the building either for the comfort and profitability of its users or for reducing cost of short/long term maintenance. Moreover, the data is also used with mechanical engineering students for exploring the measurement instrumentation used for measuring those different physical quantities relevant either in Wind Energy systems or for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC) studies. The station is placed on the roof of the building housing of the Department of Civil Engineering of the Engineering Faculty of University of Porto (see location).

Big Machine House

ELBigMAC means to demonstrate that a house is, in fact, a big machine. To do so, a wooden structure will be built and act as the first layer - the structure. Having near zero efficiency in terms of thermal or acoustic comfort, the house needs to be improved. Therefore, students from different schools will engage in a competition to build the best wall systems. These solutions will be attached to the slots existing in the structure to be tested and monitored. Thermal, acoustic and moisture trials will determine which solutions perform the best, thus enhancing the overall performance of the house. Three different houses will be built, one for each country, demonstrating that Civil Engineering solutions must meet location requirements, weather conditions and respect traditional construction techniques and cultural heritage.

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