On behalf of the Steering Committee of the EnVIE Coordination Action, I have the honour of inviting you to attend the

2nd EnVIE Conference
‘Policies for millions of indoor environments’
September, 16-17, Brussels, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Successful policies to ensure safe indoor environments for 400 million Europeans must involve not only building designers and regulators but also building construction and maintenance professionals, building managers, educators and professional associations. Following good practice is essential for success. Furthermore, in residential buildings the majority of indoor air problems can only be detected, assessed and remedies initiated by the occupants. Therefore, buildings should be 'fail-safe' in the sense that no failure in building systems or equipment should create a danger which is not obvious to a lay person.


Looking forward to welcoming you in Brussels,
Eduardo de Oliveira Fernandes
(EnVIE project coordinator)

Preliminar Programme