PRODEI- Doctoral Program on Informatics Engineering
(mixing Computer Science and Computer Engineering)

             portuguese version                                Multi-Agent Systems


Doctoral Program in Informatics Engineering First Semester


Professor Eugenio Oliveira
E-Mail: [email protected]
Endereço: Faculdade de Engenharia, Rua Dr. Roberto Frias 4200-465 PORTO , PORTUGAL

Phone: + 351 22 508 1829


Temporal Diagram



Materials for the MAS course

Powerpoint presentations for all the subjects ("powerpoint" post-script )

Powerpoint presentation for Distributed Agent Platform  JADE (powerpoint, ps)

Powerpoint presentation on the Tool for generating Rules for Agents JESS

JADEX- JADE Extension for BDI Agents generation (sítio Web)

"White Paper" on the Agents Platform "JADE"  (artigo de revista em pdf)

Powerpoint on XML Language introduction (powerpoint PDF)

Powerpoint pesentation about  Agents Platform for Virtual Enterprises Formation through Negotiation (pdf)

Powerpoint presentation about Agents and Adaptation policies for E-Brokers (pdf)

 MINI-PROJECT Descriptions

Former Students MINI-PROJECTS

Other books:

Model of a former exam (MAS)

Exam in January 2005

Exam in  2/7/02
Resolution of the examination hold in  2/7/02


Final evaluation encompasses 50% of the final examination mark plus 50% of the assignment mark.

 Final Marks.

 Exam  (21st/Jan/05).