Scientific Program - Poster Session I



Sunday, 16:15 - 18:00

Fundamentals of Thermodynamics


Effects of Electrolyte Concentration on the Solubility of Toluene and Ethyl Acetate in Aqueous Solutions

Ana F.P. de Campos, Mauro L.N. de Oliveira, Moilton R. Franco Jr


The Solubility of Some Acids in Pure Solvents

Mauro L.N. de Oliveira, Moilton R. Franco Jr


Vapor Liquid Equilibrium for Binary System of Tetrahydrothiophene + 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane and Tetrahydrothiophene + 2,4,4-Trimethyl-1-Pentene at 358.15 K and 368.15 K

Erlin Sapei, Petri Uusi-Kyyny, Kari I. Keskinen, Juha-Pekka Pokki, Ville Alopaeus


Computer-Based Modeling and Simulation for the Catalase Reaction Mechanism

Inara T. Nagieva, Tofik M. Nagiev


High-Pressure Solubility Modeling of Blowing Agents in LDPE using Non-cubic EOS

Pedro F. Arce, Martín Aznar


Simple Modification of van der Waals Equation of State Leading to the Correct Coexistence Densities

Francisco L.R. Hernández, Ángel M. Díaz


New Two-Reference-Fluids Model for the Estimation of the Vaporization Enthalpy

Isidro Cachadiña, Ángel M. Díaz


Vaporization Enthalpy of Pure Refrigerants. Comparative Study of Very Recent Correlation Equations

Ángel M. Díaz, Maria I. Parra, Francisco L. Román, Kyoung K. Park


Hydrate Formation from Vapour Phase: Experimental Measurement and Modeling by using an Association Equation of State

Ziad Youssef, Pascal Mougin, Alain Barreau, Jacques Jose, Ilham Mokbel


Study of the Temperature Influence on Liquid-Liquid Equilibria of System 2-Butanone + 2-Butanol + Water

Javier de la Torre, Amparo Cháfer, Nelson F. Martínez, Estela Lladosa


Comparison between Neural Network and PC-SAFT and Peng-Robinson EoS Modeling of High-Pressure Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of Three {Nitrogen - n-Alkane} Binaries

Cherif Si-Moussa, Salah Hanini, Ratiba Derriche, Tariq Omari


Estimation of Compositions of Distillation Products using Neural Networks: Application of Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm

Leandro O. Werle, Joel G. Teleken, Cintia Marangoni, Cláudia Sayer, Ricardo A.F. Machado


LLE and LVE for Binary Systems Containing Water with an Alkane or Aromatic Hydrocarbon using Polar GC-PC-SAFT

Dong Nguyenhuynh, Jean-Charles De Hemptinne, Rafael Lugo, Jean-Philippe Passarello, Pascal Tobaly


Molar Volume Equation for Carbon Dioxide + Solvent Mixtures at High Pressures

Masahiro Kato, Kensuke Ohashi, Atsushi Sato, Masaki Kokubo, Daisuke Kodama


Modeling of the Three-Phase Equilibrium in Systems of the Type Water + Nonionic Surfactant + Alkane

Christina Browarzik, Dieter Browarzik, Jochen Winkelmann


Calculations of Surface Tension and Viscosity using Equation of State for Square-Well Chain Fluid with Variable Interaction Range

Jinlong Li, Changchun He, Jun Ma, Changjun Peng, Honglai Liu


Permittivity and Density of the Systems (Diglyme or Tetraglyme + Heptane) at Several Temperatures

César F. Riadigos, Ruth Iglesias, Miguel A. Rivas, Teresa P. Iglesias


Isobaric Vapour-Liquid Equilibria for Binary Systems of [C4mim] [NTf2] and [C8mim] [NTf2] with Acetates at 101.32 kPa

Alfonsina E. Andreatta, Alberto Arce, Alberto Arce Jr., Eva Rodil, Ana Soto


Modeling Phase Equilibria for Systems with Vegetable Oils

Beatriz A. Mandagarán, Enrique A. Campanella


Excess Enthalpies of Binary and Ternary Mixtures Containing Dibutyl ether (DBE), 1-Butanol and Cyclohexane at 313.15 K

Fatima Alaoui, Fernando Aguilar, José J. Segovia, Miguel A.Villamañán , Eduardo A. Montero


Evaluation of Prediction Methods for Critical Properties and Molecular Weight of Hydrocarbons and Petroleum Fractions

Luiz G. Lopreato, Thiago B. Sicchieri, Marco A. Farah, Márcio Paredes, Krishnaswamy Rajagopal


Temperature Dependence of Molecular Parameters in Equations of State

Hector Bastida, Claudio G. Olivera-Fuentes, Jurgen Vargas


Adsorption Thermodynamics of Metal Ions on Foamed Chitosan

Wladyslaw L. Kaminski, Elwira T. Tomczak, Urszula Wilicka


Determination of Styrene-TBC and Styrene-Water Equilibrium Data for the Purification of Monomers

Gabriel Ovejero, Maria D. Romero, Ismael Díaz, Eduardo Díez


Correlation of Isobaric Ternary Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Data by the Extended GE Equations

Elena Graczová, Pavol Steltenpohl, Matúš Chlebovec


Determination of Solubility Parameters of Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Triblock Copolymers by Means of Intrinsic Viscosity

Gabriel Ovejero, Maria D. Romero, Eduardo Díez, Ismael Díaz


Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Data of Limonene + Octanal + Solvent Systems

Maria D. Romero, Eduardo Díez, Pilar Velasco, Ismael Díaz, José M. Gómez


Solid-Liquid Equilibrium in Crude Oils: Wax Deposition Study to Solve Flow Assurance Problems

Baudilio Coto, Carmen Martos, Juan J. Espada, Maria D. Robustillo, Jose L. Peña


Isobaric Vapor-Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium and Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium for the Quaternary System Water - Ethanol - Cyclohexane - Isooctane at 101.3 kPa

Ana Pequenín, Juan C. Asensi, Nereida Sánchez, Vicente Gomis


Analitical Determination of Distillation Boundaries for Ternary Azeotropic Systems

Antonio Marcilla, Juan A. Reyes-Labarta, Raul Velasco, María D. Serrano, María M. Olaya


Excess Molar Enthalpies of Mixtures Containing 2-Methoxy-2-Methylpropane, Ethanol, Nonane

Marta M. Mato, Monica Illobre, Pedro V. Verdes, Jose L. Legido, Inmaculada P. Andrade


Robust Program for Simultaneous Correlation of LLSE of Ternary Systems

Antonio Marcilla, María M. Olaya, María D. Serrano, Juan A. Reyes-Labarta


Explicit Equation to Calculate the Liquid-Vapour Equilibrium for Ternary Azeotropic and Non Azeotropic Systems

Antonio Marcilla, Juan A. Reyes-Labarta, Raul Velasco, María D. Serrano, María M. Olaya


Prediction of Isobaric Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Data of Quaternary Systems

Elena Graczová, Pavol Steltenpohl, Matúš Chlebovec


PVT Property and Surface Tension Measurements for Ethanol from 278.15 to 353.15 K and up to 35 MPa

Filipe M.M. Gonçalves, Ana R. Trindade, Abel G.M. Ferreira, Isabel M.A. Fonseca


Prediction of Liquid-Liquid Equilibria in Water + Hydrocarbon Mixtures with Group-Contribution Models: A Critical Evaluation and Improvements

Pawel Oracz, Marian Góral


Kinetics of Asphaltene Aggregation in Aromatic Solvents Through Light Scattering Measurements

Florencia W.R. Rivarola, Rhutesh Shah, Lilian C. Medina, Maria R.W. Maciel, David A. Weitz


Experimental Measurement and Correlation of Solubility of Gamma-Oryzanol in Different Organic Solvents

Maitê S. Cuevas, Christianne E.C. Rodrigues, Mariana C. Costa, Antonio J.A. Meirelles


High Pressure Phase Equilibria of Squalene + Carbon dioxide: Experimental Measurement and Thermodynamic Modeling

Elvis J. Hernández, Francisco J. Señoráns, Guillermo Reglero, Tiziana Fornari

Molecular Simulation


Transferable Force Field for Alcohols and Polyalcohols

Nicolas Ferrando, Véronique Lachet, Jean-Marie Teuler, Anne Boutin


Molecular Simulation of Swelling Behaviors of Coal Molecules

Toshimasa Takanohashi


Modeling Specific Ion Effects in Solutions of Biomacromolecules and Classical Ionic Surfactants

Sofia V. Koroleva, Alexey I. Victorov


Excess Thermodynamic Properties of Mixtures Involving Xenon and Light Alkanes: A Study of their Temperature Dependence by Computer Simulation

Luís F.G. Martins, Alfredo P. P. Carvalho, João P.P. Ramalho, Eduardo J.M. Filipe


Molecular Simulation of Absolute Hydration Free Energies of Polar Compounds

Nuno M. Garrido, António J. Queimada, Miguel Jorge,Ioannis G. Economou, Eugénia A. Macedo


Predicting the Hydration Free Energy of Psychotropic Drugs from Molecular Simulation

Nuno M. Garrido, António J. Queimada, Miguel Jorge, Ioannis G. Economou, Eugénia A. Macedo

Product & Process Design


Use Simulis® Thermodynamics to Fill the Gap in UNIFAC Matrices

Olivier Baudouin, Stéphane Déchelotte, Alain Vacher, Abdelatif Baba-Ahmed


CFD Simulation of Multiphase Flow in a Sieve Tray of a Distillation Column

Joel G. Teleken, Leandro O. Werle, Cintia Marangoni, Marintho B. Quadri, Ricardo A.F. Machado


Ionic Liquid [C6mmpy][Ntf2] as Solvent for Extraction of Sulfur and Nitrogen-Containing Compounds from Fuels

Luisa Alonso, Alberto Arce, Maria Francisco, Ana Soto


A Semicontinuous Thermodynamic Model for Prediction of Asphaltene Precipitation

Ali Eslamimanesh, Alireza Shariati


Effect of Water Salinity on Water Activity in Methane Hydrate Formation in Porous Media

Alireza Pesaran and Alireza Shariati

New Products/materials - Properties & Applications


Phase Equilibria of Biopolymer and Supercritical Fluids

Denise S. Conti, Lúcio Cardozo-Filho, Sérgio H. Pezzin, Luiz A.F. Coelho


Metal Modified Mesoporous Material MCM-41 and Its Application in CO2 Capture from Flue Gas

Jun Hu, Changyong Jing, Huiling Zhao, Hongpei Cai, Honglai Liu


Thermophysical Caharaterization of Peloids from Termas de Rio Hondo (Argentina) for Therapeutics Uses

José L. Legido, María L. Mourelle, Carlos Medina, Carmen P. Gomez, Paloma Navia, Luis Romani


Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Hyssop Extraction

Vladan Micic, Milovan Jotanovic, Zika Lepojevic, Goran Tadic, Branko Pejovic


Polypropylene Membranes Modified by Acetone Aldol Condensation Products as Separators in Silver-Zinc Cells

Bo?ena Rydzy?ska, Aleksander Ciszewski


Phase Behavior and Thermodynamics of Clathrate Hydrate Systems of Carbon Dioxide in Presence of Tetrahydrofuran and Electrolytes

Khalik M. Sabil, Geert-Jan Witkamp, Cor J. Peters

Green Engineering & Sustainability  +   Alternative/Sustainable Energy


Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium of Ternary Systems 1-Octyl-3-methylimidazolium Hexafluorophosphate + Aromatic + Aliphatic

Raquel M. Maduro, Martín Aznar


Modeling of High-Pressure Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium in Ionic Liquids + Gas Systems using the PRSV Equation of State

Pedro F. Arce, Pedro A. Robles, Teófilo A. Graber, Martín Aznar


High-Pressure Phase Behavior of CO2/Ionic Liquid/Dianix Red 60 System

Helen R. Mazzer, André Zuber, Vladimir F. Cabral, Adley F. Rubira, Washington F. Santos, Cláudio Dariva, Octávio A.C. Antunes, Lúcio Cardozo-Filho


Phase Equilibria in n-Dodecane + Dibenzothiophene + Ionic Liquid Systems - A Study of Extractive Desulfurization

Leonardo H. Oliveira, Martín Aznar


Ionic liquid Effect on the Solubility of Carbon Dioxide and Methane in Glycols at Different Temperatures and Pressures

Alessandro C. Galvão, Artur Z. Francesconi


Study of the Behaviour of the Azeotropic Mixture Ethanol-Water with Different Ionic Liquids

Elena Gómez, Noelia Calvar, Begoña González, Angeles Domínguez, Eugénia A. Macedo


Benzene Separation from Hexane and Heptane using 1-Ethyl-3-Methyl Pyridinium Ethylsulfate and 1-Ethyl Pyridinium Ethylsulfate Ionic Liquids

Emilio J. González, Irene Domínguez, Elena Gómez, Angeles Domínguez, Eugénia A. Macedo


Liquid-Liquid Equilibria for Ternary Systems 1-Ethyl-3-Methylpyridinium Ethylsulfate + Aromatics + Cyclohexane

Irene Domínguez, Emilio J. González, Begoña González, José Canosa


Essential Oil Terpenless by Solvent Extraction using Ionic Liquid 1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium 2-(2-methoxyethoxy) Ethylsulphate

Alberto Arce, Maria Francisco, Sara Lago, Borja Rodríguez, Ana Soto


Desulphurisation of Gasolines by Solvent Extraction with the Ionic Liquid 1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium Bis{(trifluoromethyl)sulfonyl}--amide: A Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium and Interfacial Tension Study

Alberto Arce, Maria Francisco, Hector Rodríguez, Ana Soto


Decontamination of PAHs Polluted Soil by using a Clean Agent: the Electric Current

Teresa Alcántara, Jose Gómez, Marta Pazos, Angeles Sanromán


Optimization of Bioethanol Fermentation Process Coupled with a Vacuum Flash Evaporator

Tassia L. Junqueira, Marina O.S. Dias, Carlos E.V. Rossell, Rubens M. Filho, Maria R.W. Maciel, DanieI P. Atala


Simulation of Distillation Process in Bioethanol Production using Barros & Wolf Efficiency Correlation

Tassia L. Junqueira, Rubens M. Filho, Maria R.W. Maciel


Linseed Oil Obtained with Supercritical Fluid Extraction: Modeling of the Overall Extraction Curves

Elisângela L. Galvão, Livia M. Lazzari, Julian Martínez, Elisa M.B.D. Sousa


Synthesis and Physical Properties of New Protic Ionic Liquids

Cristina González, Miguel Iglesias, Esther Marijuan


Solvent Swelling Thermodynamics of Kukersite and Dictyonema Kerogens

Jelena Hruljova, Natalja Savest, Kristel Kilk, Vahur Oja


Measuring Solubilities of Carbonyl Sulfide Containing Gaseous Mixtures in Glycol Aqueous Solutions Using a Static Analytic Technique with Two Micro Samplers

Waheed Afzal, Amir H Mohammadi, Dominique Richon


Biodiesel Production by Transesterification of Borraje Oil with Supercritical Methanol: Effects of the Operation Conditions

Lourdes Casas, Juan R. Portela, Casimiro Mantell, Jezabel Sánchez, Miguel Rodríguez, Enrique M. de la Ossa


What is the Fraction of Fossil CO2 in the Atmosphere?

Luciano Lepori, Gian C. Bussolino, Enrico Matteoli, Andrea Spanedda


Phase Equilibria Modeling of Biodiesel Related Mixtures using the GCA-EoS Model

Alfonsina E. Andreatta, Rafael Lugo, Jean-Charles de Hemptinne, Esteban A. Brignole, Susana B. Bottini


Hydrogen Solubility in Water and Organic Oxygenated Solvents Modeling with the GCA-EoS

Selva Pereda, Rafael Lugo, Jean-Charles de Hemptinne, Esteban A. Brignole


A-UNIFAC Modelling of Binary and Multicomponent Phase Equilibria of Fatty Esters+Water+Methanol+Glycerol

Nuno M. Garrido, Olga Ferreira, Rafael Lugo, Jean-Charles de Hemptinne, Eugénia A. Macedo, Susana B. Bottini


Solvent-Free Enzymatic Synthesis of Decyl Acetate: The "Cherry on Top"?

Manuela V. Oliveira, Lucília S. Ribeiro, Sílvia F. Rebocho, Adriano S. Ribeiro, Eugénia A. Macedo, José M. Loureiro

Biomolecules & Biotechnology


Extraction of Spilanthol from Spilanthes Acmella Var Oleraceae with Supercritical CO2

Vanessa M.S. Cavalcanti, Martín Aznar, Sílvio A.B.V. de Melo, Frederico G. Cruz


Monitoring of Dynamic Protein Binding on the Surface of (magneto)Liposomes

Stefaan J.H. Soenen, Nele Nuytten, Tine Ysenbaert, Lien Defour, Jesse Trekker, Marcel De Cuyper


Thermodynamics of Oil Extraction from Soybean using Ethanol as Solvent

Fernanda N. Abreu, Keila K. Aracava, Christianne E.C. Rodrigues


Thermophilic Microorganisms from North Western Spain Hot-springs: Application to Dye Decolourization

Francisco J. Deive, Angeles Domínguez, T. Barrio, Maria A. Longo, Angeles Sanromán


Protein Partitioning in PEG-Amino Acid Conjugate Polymer/Salt Aqueous Two-Phase Systems

Luísa A. Ferreira, Sara C. Silvério, José A. Martins, João C. Marcos, Eugénia A. Macedo, José A. Teixeira


Extraction of trans-Lycopene from Tomato Industrial By-Products using Supercritical Fluids

Beatriz P. Nobre, António F. Palavra, Rui L. Mendes


LLE for (Water + Ionic liquid) Binary Systems using [Cxmim][BF4] (x = 6, 8 and 10) Ionic Liquids

Filipa M. Maia, Oscar Rodríguez, Eugénia A. Macedo


Temperature and Solvent Effects in the Solubility of Some Drugs: Experimental and Modeling

Fátima L. Mota, António J. Queimada, Simão P. Pinho, Eugénia A. Macedo


The Collander Equation in Polymer-Salt ATPS

Sara C. Silvério, Oscar Rodriguez, José A. Teixeira, Eugénia A. Macedo



Java: An Important Tool to Learning Thermodynamics

Abel G.M. Ferreira


A Reexamination of Le Chatelier's Principle

Corey M. Colina, Claudio G. Olivera-Fuentes


XSEOS: An Educational Software for Thermodynamics - Latest Developments and Future Perspectives

Marcelo Castier, Mohamed M. Amer


Thermodynamic Equilibrium Diagrams Made Easy in Command Driven Computer Environments

Francisco A.S. Freitas


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