Topics for Equifase 2009


Fundamentals of Thermodynamics:
          Experimental techniques; data modeling; data banks
          Phase Equilibria; transport properties; interfacial properties; thermochemistry

Molecular simulation:
          Proteins, polymers, nanomaterials, membranes, colloids & interfaces
          Advances in modeling & simulation, microfluidics, adsorption,

Product & Process Design:
          Structure-activity-property relationships; computer-aided molecular design; polymorphism;
          Food products, cosmetics, drugs;

New products/materials - properties & applications:
          Nanoparticles, pharmaceuticals, biocompatible materials

Green engineering & sustainability:
          Green solvents: Ionic liquids, SCF, biodegradable polymers, aqueous processes
          Green processes: membranes, extraction, chromatography…

Alternative/Sustainable Energy:
          Biorefinery, biofuels, biodiesel
          H2 and natural gas

Biomolecules & biotechnology:
          Proteins (folding, aggregation, crystallization, etc.)


  • 28|09|2009 - Detailed scientific program available.

  • 17|09|2009 - Recommended poster size is A0. For more info check the Authors menu.

  • 01|09|2009 - Transportation options available under Conference Site

  • 25|08|2009 - Special discounts for rent-a-car for participants

  • 24|08|2009 - Scientifc program available soon

  • 10|03|2009 - TAP partnership agreement updated