Name Filename Category
Dual_Distribution 1D
1D Bin Packing problem set used in the paper: Burke E. K., Hyde M. R. and Kendall G. (2010). "Providing a Memory Mechanism to Enhance the Evolutionary Design of Heuristics". In Proceedings of the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (CEC 2010). July 18-23 2010, Barcelona, Spain, pp 3883--3890. The item sizes are drawn from gaussian distributions, and some are taken from two such distributions. Download
1D Bin-Packing Problems from SCHOLL/KLEIN/JUERGENS (1997) (Data sets: bin1data, bin2data, bin3data) Download
1D Bin-Packing Problems from FALKENAUER (1996) (Data sets: binpack1, binpack2, binpack3, binpack4, binpack5, binpack6, binpack7, binpack8) Download
These files are the test problems used in the paper Correia, Oliveira and Ferreira (2003). The objective is to minimise trim loss when producing and cutting master reels of paper into ordered reels and sheets. Download
The 28 VERY hard BPP instances of J. Schoenfield (with m from 140 to 200). Test results with an LP-based approach in (Data sets: hard28) Download
1D Bin-Packing Problems from SCHWERIN/WAESCHER (1998) (Files: sch_wae1, sch_wae2) Download
1D Bin-Packing Problems from WAESCHER/GAU (1996) (Files: wae_gau1, wae_gau2) Download
Pattern Reduction Test Instances 1D

These instances are solutions to the 1D-CSP and are intended to provide a test-bed to evaluate pattern reduction heuristics, i.e. whether the solution be transformed into another with fewer patterns, but the same run length, order allocation and waste. 

See for example 

Foerster, H., & Wascher, G. (2000). Pattern reduction in one-dimensional cutting stock problems. International Journal of Production Research, 1657-1676.

Terashima2 2D - Irregular
480 Irregular test instances artificially created data set with convex and non-convex polygons. Procedure described by López-Camacho, E. An Evolutionary Framework for Producing Hyper-heuristics for Solving the 2D Irregular Bin Packing Problem PhD Dissertation. Tecnológico de Monterrey, 2012. Download
Terashima1 2D - Irregular
540 Irregular test instances artificially created data set with convex polygons. Procedure described by Terashima-Marín, H., Ross, P., Farías-Zárate, C. J., López-Camacho, E., and Valenzuela-Rendón, M. Generalized hyper-heuristics for solving 2D regular and irregular packing problems. Annals of Operations Research 179 (2010), 369-392. Download