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Challenge ESICUP 2015

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Challenge ESICUP 2015 is a challenge with a subject proposed and sponsored by the automotive maker RENAULT and with the cooperation of the Operations Research team of the Bordeaux University. It is about container loading for logistics platforms. RENAULT is interested in algorithms for operational context (with short execution runtime of one hour for the whole set of instances) and also for simulation context (with longer execution runtime of 6 hours for the whole set of instances). Therefore 2 prizes (total of 14 000 euros) will be awarded for the 2 contexts.

A few examples of real-life loading configurations.

The challenge is opened to everyone, especially young researchers, except those working for the industrial partner having submitted the problem, or any of its subsidiaries.

The Challenge offers young researchers the opportunity to explore the requirements and difficulties encountered in real-life industrial problems. The challenge also allows senior researchers to show their knowledge and demonstrate their know-how on practical problems. This is a tremendous cooperation between the scienfic community and the industry.

12th ESICUP Meeting
Portsmouth, UK, March 29 - 31, 2015 .