5th ESICUP Meeting


About L'Aquila


A limited number of rooms have been reserved at Hotel Castello. A special rate, including breakfast, is reserved for the conference participants:

  • 65€/day/person for a double room - single use;
  • 45€/day/person for a double room (i.e., if the room is shared with another delegate).
Hotel Castello
P.zza Battaglione degli Alpini
(historical centre, with garage)
67100 - L'Aquila (AQ)
Tel.+39 0862 419147
Fax +39 0862 419140
(check in - 14:00
check out - 10:00)

Hotel reservations will be accepted until March 20, 2008 (March 1, 2008) and rooms will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis. Reservation must be made in any case by sending the hotel reservation form completely filled by email to the Conference Secretariat. Once registration is completed, a confirmation mail will be delivered.
If booking a shared double room, each delegate must fill an individual reservation form specifying the name of the other delegate. The payment will be made by the participant directly at the hotel. If you change your plan after you have reserved, please let us know immediately.

If you want to extend your stay for more days and/or want us to reserve a room at the conference hotel after the 2nd March, please feel free to contact marinelli@diiga.univpm.it

Other Hotels in L'Aquila

If you prefer reserving your room at other hotels than the Hotel Castello, please contact them directly. Hotels are ranked from the nearest to the farthest from the conference location.

Hotel San Michele                 Grand hotel del Parco
via dei Giardini, 6 C.so Federico II
Tel. +39 0862 420260 Tel. +39 0862 413240
Fax. +39 0862 27060 Fax: +39 0862 65938
http://www.stmichelehotel.it/eng/index.html http://www.grandhotel.it/
info@stmichelehotel.it piotroi@tin.it
Duomo  Federico II
Via Dragonetti 6 Via Strinella
Tel. +39 0862 410893 Tel. +39 0862 21191
Fax: +39 0862 413058 http://www.hotelfedericosecondo.it/
http://www.hotel-duomo.it info@hotelfedericosecondo.it
Duca degli Abruzzi  Amiternum
viale Giovanni XXIII, 10 Bivio S. Antonio
Tel. +39 0862 28341 Tel. +39 0862 315757
Fax: +39 0862 61588 Fax: +39 0862 315987
http://www.ducadegliabruzzi.com/en/index.html http://www.hotelamiternum.it/en/default.php
Località Casermette  
Tel. +39 0862 317402  
Fax: +39 0862 317398  

[L'Aquila Map] (google maps)

Restaurants in L'Aquila

For those who prefer discovering and enjoying the regional cuisine we suggest the following typical restaurants in the old town (centre):

Ristorante La Conca Ristorante Ernesto Ristorante La Matriciana
Via Giacomo Caldora, 12 Piazza Palazzo, 22 Via Arcivescovado, 5/A
tel. +39 0862 405211 tel. +39 0862 21094 tel. +39 0862 26065
L'Osteria Nudo e Crudo Ristorante Da Lingosta Trattoria Da Rino
Via Cannella Fabio, 9 Piazza S. Pietro a Coppito, 19 Via San Marciano, 2
tel. +39 0862 404990 tel. +39 0862 28662 tel. +39 0862 25280
Trattoria Del Giaguaro Caffè Cavour, wine & cocktail bar 
Piazza S. Maria Paganica, 1 Via Cavour, 16 
tel. +39 0862 28249 tel. +39 3480958517 

Other restaurants in L’Aquila

5th ESICUP Meeting
L'Aquila, Italy, April 20 - 22, 2008 .