5th ESICUP Meeting


About L'Aquila

Meeting Venue


The meeting will be held at Sala Celestiniana, a beautiful frescoed room which once used as refectory of the monastery annex to the ancient basilica of Collemaggio.

Collemaggio is a hill placed south-west of L'Aquila, outside the XIII-century walls. The basilica is a real masterpiece of Abruzzi Romanesque-gothic architecture for the beauty of its interior, the perfect integration of the architecture with the surrounding landscape and the unforgettable facade in red and white stones which stands out of a large, deep-green lawn. The church dates back to the XIII century.


Situated in the mountainous region of Abruzzo at a height of 750 metres above sea level, L'Aquila administrates the Italian district with the largest percentage of territory devoted to natural parks. The town has a medieval history and outstanding monuments, among which are the imposing Basilica of St. Maria di Collemaggio, the Castle, the 99 Cannelle fountain and the beautiful church of St. Bernardino. The wonderful landscape and mountains make L’Aquila popular with tourists all the year round. The average temperature in April ranges from 4.6 to 20°C (40 to 68°F).
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How to get Sala Celestiniana

  • By foot: 25 minutes walking from Hotel Castello, see the path
  • By car: 5 minutes from Hotel Castello, see the route
  • By bus: most of the public bus lines run to the Collemaggio bus terminal which is 5 minutes walking from the meeting venue. Hotel Castello is connected to the Collemaggio bus terminal by bus lines 8, 79 and 81. See here the complete map of L’Aquila bus services (sorry, the site is in Italian)
  • By taxi: tel. +39 0862 22115 or +39 0862 27372
5th ESICUP Meeting
L'Aquila, Italy, April 20 - 22, 2008 .