5th ESICUP Meeting


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Scientific Program

Monday, 21th April
9h30 - 10h30
Opening Session + Session 1 (Room A)
Chairperson: Claudio Arbib

1.1 - 2-Dimensional packing problems in telecommunications (Invited Talk)
Andrea Lodi, Silvano Martello, Michele Monaci

11h00 - 12h30
Session 2 (Room A)
Chairperson: Gerhard Wäscher

2.1 - Research support tools in cutting and packing: a survey
José F. Oliveira, A. Miguel Gomes
2.2 - Extended Cutting Problems: A Review
Gerhard Wäscher, Sebastian Henn
2.3 - Non-Identical Circle Packing
Rym M'Hallah
2.4 - Cutting Stock with No Three Parts per Pattern: Work-in-process and Pattern Minimization
Claudio Arbib, Alessandro Aloisio, Fabrizio Marinelli

14h00 - 15h50
Session 3a (Room A)
Chairperson: Reinaldo Morabito

3a.1 - Theoretical investigations on maximal dual feasible functions
Jürgen Rietz, Cláudio Alves, Rita Macedo, J. M. Valério de Carvalho, Filipe Alvelos, T. M. Chan, Elsa Silva
3a.2 - A branch & bound approach for the 1D contiguous cutting-stock problem
M. Mesyagutov, G. Belov, G. Scheithauer
3a.3 - The one dimensional cutting stock problem with usable leftovers and handling constraints: a case study
Kelly Cristina Poldi, Gerhard Wäscher
3a.4 - A Local-Search Approach for Solving a Bin-Packing Problem with Secondary Objectives
Heinz Schmitz, Sebastian Niemann
3a.5 - An effective recursive partitioning approach for the packing of identical rectangles in a rectangle
Reinaldo Morabito, Ernesto G. Birgin, Rafael D. Lobato

Session 3b (Room B)
Chairperson: Yuriy Stoyan

3b.1 - A proposal for a new scheme for No Fit Polygon using XML
Roberto Licari, Ernesto Lo Valvo
3b.2 - A Variant Beam Search Implementation for the Irregular Shape Bin Packing Problem
Xiang Song, Julia A. Bennell
3b.3 - A Mixed Integer Programming and Global Optimization approach for non-standard packing problems with additional constraints
Giorgio Fasano
3b.4 - Packing of rotating circular segments and primary objects
T. Romanova, Yu. Stoyan, M. Zlotnik, E. Stupak
3b.5 - Packing identical spheres into a right circular cylinder
Yu. Stoyan, G. Yaskov

16h20 - 18h10
Session 4a (Room A)
Chairperson: Andreas Bortfeldt

4a.1 - New Heuristics for Two Dimensional Bin Packing Problem
Chan Tak Ming, Filipe Alvelos, Elsa Silva, J. M. Valério de Carvalho, Cláudio Alves, Rita Macedo
4a.2 - An Approximation Algorithm for Rectangle Packing with Rotations
Rolf Harren, Rob van Stee
4a.3 - A Hyper-heuristic Approach to Strip Packing Problems
Q. Guo, E. K. Burke, G. Kendall
4a.4 - The Two-Dimensional Guillotine Bin Packing Problem with Multiple Bin Sizes and Costs
Sergey Polyakovskiy, Rym M'Hallah
4a.5 - A Tree Search Algorithm for Solving the Two-Dimensional Knapsack Problem
Andreas Bortfeldt, Tobias Fanslau

Session 4b (Room B)
Chairperson: Horacio Yanasse

4b.1 - An Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for the Pattern Sequencing Problem
Luigi De Giovanni, Ferdinando Pezzella, Gionata Massi
4b.2 - A heuristic for the cutting stock problem with a limit on the maximum number of open stacks
Filipe Alvelos, Chan Tak Ming, Elsa Silva, J. M. Valério de Carvalho, Cláudio Alves, Rita Macedo
4b.3 - Solving exactly the Pattern Minimization Problem using a hybrid algorithm based on Integer and Constraint Programming
Rita Macedo, Cláudio Alves, J. M. Valério de Carvalho
4b.4 - Exact methods for solving the open stack problem
Paolo Ventura, Luigi De Giovanni, Ferdinando Pezzella, Marc Pfetsch, Giovanni Rinaldi
4b.5 - A size reducing procedure for the minimization of open stacks problem
Horacio Hideki Yanasse

Tuesday, 22th April
9h00 - 10h30
Session 5a (Room A)
Chairperson: J. M. Valério de Carvalho

5a.1 - Improved Upper Bounds for the Two-Dimensional Guillotine Cutting Stock Problem
Mauro Russo, Antonio Sforza, Claudio Sterle
5a.2 - A Model for the Exact Solution of Two Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem
J. M. Valério de Carvalho, Cláudio Alves, Rita Macedo, Mehdi Mrad, Filipe Alvelos, Chan Tak Ming, Elsa Silva
5a.3 - Exact Algorithms for the Two-Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem
Cláudio Alves, Rita Macedo, Mehdi Mrad, J. M. Valério de Carvalho, Filipe Alvelos, Chan Tak Ming, Elsa Silva
5a.4 - A new integer programming model for the two-staged two dimensional cutting stock problem
Elsa Silva, Filipe Alvelos, J. M. Valério de Carvalho

Session 5b (Room B)
Chairperson: José Fernando Gonçalves

5b.1 - A Model for the Vehicle Routing with Time Windows and Loading Problem
Ana Moura, José Fernando Oliveira, Maria Antónia Carravilla
5b.2 - Transportation and Bin Packing Complex in Delivery Logistics
Nadezhda A. Gilmanova, Ural A. Karipov
5b.3 - A heuristic approach for a container loading problem with non-convex domain
Antonio Sforza, Claudio Sterle, Mauro Russo
5b.4 - A Maximal Space Multi-population Genetic Algorithm for the Container Loading Problem
José Fernando Gonçalves

11h00 - 12h30
Session 6 (Room A)
Chairperson: Gleb Belov

6.1 - LP-based branching in the interval graph algorithm for orthogonal packing
G. Belov, V. Kartak, H. Rohling
6.2 - An Exact Algorithm for the Two-Dimensional Strip Packing Problem
Marco Antonio Boschetti, Lorenza Montaletti
6.3 - A practical C&P application for cutting steel plates
Gesine Draeger, Andreas Bortfeldt
6.4 - A hybrid GRASP/VND algorithm for two and three-dimensional bin packing
F. Parreño, R. Alvarez-Valdes, J.F. Oliveira, J.M. Tamarit

12h30 - 12h40
Closing Session (Room A)
Chairperson: José F. Oliveira

Closing notes

5th ESICUP Meeting
L'Aquila, Italy, April 20 - 22, 2008 .