Problem Generators

Name Filename Category
BPPGEN: A Problem Generator for the One-Dimensional Bin-Packing Problem. Download
CUTGEN1: A Problem Generator for the Standard One-dimensional Cutting Stock Problem. Download
JNFP 2D - Irregular
JNFP: a robust and open-source nofit polygon generator library in Java. Link: Contributors: Stiaan Uyttersprot (KU Leuven) Tony Wauters (KU Leuven) Eline Esprit (KU Leuven) Download
2DCPackGen 2D - Rectangular
2DCPackGen: A problem generator for two-dimensional rectangular cutting and packing problems A problem generator for every type of 2D and 3D rectangular cutting and packing problems, according the typology for cutting and packing problems proposed by Wäscher et al. (2007). Download
2D Bin Packing Problems 2D - Rectangular
Problem generator and instances for 2D Bin Packing Problems. References to papers by Lodi, Martello and Vigo. Download
2DCPackGen 3D
The 2DCPackGen problem generator for 2-Dimensional rectangular cutting and packing problems can be also used to generate problem instances for 3-Dimensional rectangular cutting and packing problems. To use this problem generator go to Problem Generators > 2D > Rectangular, in this website. Download