Eduardo Pinho

In high school, i was interested in the areas of interface of chemistry and biology with engineering without knowing very well, however, what was engineering! I then participated in the University of Porto Exhibition at the Junior University and spoke with students of the courses, having decided to apply only to Bioengineering at FEUP/ICBAS, a course that seemed interesting, and in two major colleges!
In the early years, we increased our ability to articulate concepts from different areas by learning some of the 3 branches that are part of the course (Biomedical Engineering, Biological Engineering and Molecular Biotechnology, learning from teachers with different experiences and visions. In the latter, we have gained practical and specialized experience in one of these branches.
I am now in the last year, and despite the moments when I was uncertain of the course to take, I am satisfied with the branch I chose, Biological Engineering, due to its good organization and appealing program. I am also grateful for the opportunity to undertake erasmus internship, as this has opened up cultural, academic and professional horizons for me. I realized that I was prepared for the challenge, which is both merit of mine and the course, and I began to believe more in my abilities!
As a member of the BEST (Board of European Students OF Technology) Porto and NEB, I developed important organizational skills. In the case of BEST, the contact with companies and project involvement was constant and not only was I able to meet many students of FEUP /FCUP (with whom I would hardly contact), but Also had the opportunity to work and make friends with people from various countries in Europe.
If You went back, would you choose FEUP and the Bioengineering course again? Yes and, in Portugal, to follow this area I think FEUP is a good bet!