What is your current professional position? How did you get here?
I finished my degree in Information Science in 2018, after completing my curricular internship at INESC TEC and, in the same year, I continued my academic path in the Master’s degree in Information Science, in which I had the possibility to intern at IPBRICK, in the scope of the completion of the Master’s thesis, which I finished in 2020.
Currently I am an IT Consultant at Smart Consulting, a consulting company in the area of information technologies that provides its services in various sectors of activity. Working in a consulting company allows me to integrate different projects and have contact with several clients, however since I joined the company, in September 2020, I’m working on a project for NOS, regarding Audits to the Outside Network. In this context, among other duties, I carry out the selection of the sample of jobs to be audited monthly, the analysis of non-conformities identified by the field auditors and the synthesis of this information with the preparation of monthly reports.

How has the MCI contributed to your professional career?
When I finished my degree in Information Science I felt the need to continue to deepen my knowledge in this area and the MCI was the ideal choice, because it covers not only the themes more related to information management such as document management and knowledge management and representation, but the optional curricular units that we can choose, offer skills related to information security, data analysis and information management of social networks, fundamental for the job market nowadays.
The MCI allowed me to develop my master’s thesis in a subject I’ve always had a strong interest in, related to business process analysis and modeling and requirements gathering for software development. In addition, it gave me my first experience in a business context which, in my opinion, facilitated my entry into the job market after completing the MCI.

Given your experience, would you recommend the MCI to anyone who wants to be a professional in the field of Information Management? Why would you recommend it?
Without a doubt, for those who want to be an information manager, the MCI is the right study cycle. It allows the continuity of training in Information Science and addresses different themes related to the area, which today are fundamental for organizations.
If today I had to apply for a master’s degree, I would undoubtedly choose the MCI again!