The desire to study engineering was born early in me and more precisely to do so at the prestigious FEUP. Despite having chosen to follow a specialized artistic course during Secondary Education, the main objective for me has always been to enter Computer Engineering at FEUP.

I chose FEUP not only because of the excellent conditions it provides to its students and the high quality of teaching, but also because it is very well recognized both nationally and internationally. For these reasons, I was sure that FEUP would be the ideal faculty for the new phase of my academic path.

When I joined, I was immediately welcomed by my colleagues and teachers and quickly felt that I was part of this great house. One of the many advantages of FEUP is the great offer of extracurricular activities, and so, in order to develop my soft skills and learn the latest technologies, I joined NIAEFEUP, which contributed even more to my integration in the FEUP community.

What keeps me motivated is the fact that in the course we are always solving problems, finding new and creative solutions, implementing them quickly, and learning to work as a team. This way of facing challenges makes us develop our practical reasoning and gain determination, persistence, and autonomy.

FEUP, which has become like a second home for me, is a place where I feel very well and to which I feel that I belong. For all these reasons, I strongly recommend to everyone who feels a strong vocation for engineering to join this great faculty.