MSc in Computer and Medical Instrumentation Engineering at ISEP since the end of 2014, my professional career in Software started at iTGROW in February 2015, where I have been since.
The ambition that I always had prevents me from standing idly observing the world, especially the technological one, which evolves every day, demanding of those who live in it more and more. This premise, and the fact that I feel that I still have some gaps to fill in this area, where I am currently employed, have made me, in partnership with my company, to apply for the Master's Degree in Software Engineering at the prestigious national and internationally, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto.
Involved in critical projects in the area of ​​Aeronautics, MESW offers me different values ​​that will make me stand out in the business environment. The proximity with the teachers offers us a different experience in the University, providing a master's degree that adapts to the profile of each student and their respective abilities or failures, always encourage us, knowing that we can give even more and better, becoming good professionals, both in terms of teamwork and interaction as well as knowledge and best practices. I have no hesitation in saying that it is a case of success and will grow even more, either by the partnerships that already have and continues to develop, or by the quality of education and issues addressed.
FEUP itself has a service that besides serving many students, manages to be personalized to each one and to promote our well-being, starting with the impeccable facilities that maintain, from the quality of the service that offers to us, always ready to help and quick to respond.
Undoubtedly, the combination of these factors gives me an unforgettable and remarkable academic experience that will definitely enhance my professional career.