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experiment@portugal makes available the national potential in online experimentation based in the remote and virtual Labs of higher education institutions in Portugal, which are available in the platform pt.lab2go

This Web site aims to disseminate and to promote the online experimentation, offering diversified information and by allowing a quick evaluation in the interest of many of its contents.

experiment@portugal also contributes for diffusion of concepts, using the international ontology recommended by the GOLC (Global Online Laboratory Consortium).

In addition, experiment@portugal also aims to enable and to foster conditions for sharing resources with Portuguese speaking countries, for improving the collaborative work between higher education institutions, between secondary schools and for sharing resources with industry by contributing for lifelong learning and for training.

It also promotes the national consortium, with structure and critical mass for international prominence, which has been established within the Experiment@Portugal project, funded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (November 2010-October 2011).

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