I have been told that I am a man who does everything with passion! I do not know if this is a correct judgement, even because it is a very subjective question. However, without any doubt I am a man with a lot of passions! I will give you here a sample of some of them. Other passions are available in Portuguese language only.


F. C. Porto scarves

See my collection of commemorative scarves related with FC Porto.


An unexpected collection! In fact, except for the dominoes for children, one would say the dominoes all look alike! Do you also think so? I did, but I was wrong!


A passion kept for more than 30 years, with some interesting results.


Although I cannot be considered a collector of shells, I own a significant number of very beautiful specimens. Take a look.


A description of my collection of coins, with pictures of some interesting specimens.

Models of animals   

It started by a simple collection for my granddaughter (grandchildren?) but, although still being it, this has become one more trip to the wonderful world of miniatures!

1/43rd Scale Model Cars   

A collection started when I was 14 with a model I still keep and in which stand out the 24 Heures du Mans winners, the Formula One champions and ... the Ferrari, of course!


A food for the spirit without which I could not live.

Name Franclim   

Oddities about my name, its origins and illustrious namesakes.


My oldest collection, left in the background for a long time but now being revitalized.


A very old passion - I can even date it ( Mundo de Aventuras nº 97 - 21/6/51) - and that remains very strong, in spite of the progressive disappearance of the authors that have delighted my imagination!

Mania for games   

Another passion now in the background, but with the small pride of having published 4 games of strategy.


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