1/43rd Scale Model Cars

I was 14 when I finally got my parents to give me an 1/43rd (or about) scale model car! It cost only 24 escudos (the price of 48 loaves of bread)! Naturally, my parents had given me some more expensive toys, but such a small car, without spring power, ... no way!

This economical reasoning was completely irrelevant for me, since what seduced me in those little cars was the fact they reproduced very accurately the true cars seen on the street or, a much more stimulating factor, those of which we simply caught a glimpse in the magazines, newspapers and documentary films (TV in Portugal was just starting!).

Furthermore, there were the races we ran in the garage of the building, in tracks drawn with chalk, in which I participated with cars lent by my friends! Finally, I could race with my own car, a Vanwall, from Dinky Toys! The Vanwall became very popular in 1958 and Stirling Moss, driving one of them eventually won the Grand Prix of Portugal, in August 24, run in our Circuit of Boavista, in Porto.

I still keep that my first model, pictured on the right, though without the original tyres.

Vanwall VW57 - 1957 (Dinky Toys)

In fact, by that time, Formula One cars started using tyres of different sizes at the front and rear wheels and therefore, faithful to reality, I changed the tyres!

Since then, more than 40 years have elapsed and a lot of things have changed in the model cars world. Today, there are not less kids wanting little cars for playing, but there certainly are many more “big boys” collecting model cars! There are not anymore Dinkies and Corgies, but there are Brumms, Minichamps, Vitesses, etc., etc.

1/43rd scale has become the queen of the scales and the accuracy of the models and the level of details have reached proportions unthinkable by the time of my youth.

To prove it, look at the model pictured on the right, the very same Vanwall VW57 that Dinky has made more than 40 years ago! Simply, this one has been produced now, with the present technique! The picture speaks for itself!

Vanwall VW57 - 1957 (RBA)


If you like cars or model cars, see a sample of what I have in my collection:

Index of the section 1/43 Model Cars:

A bit of the 1/43rd scale history   

Along the about 50 years of 1/43rd scale model cars history, some manufacturers have emerged, others have disappeared, but there is a constant: the growing quality of the models!

The first races   

With the birth of the motor-car the first races appeared. The cars were dangerous, the roads even more, but there were "those magnificent (crazy) men" willing to take the risks! And spectators to attend!

24 Heures du Mans   

Le Mans, for me, is "The Race"! It is not surprising therefore that Le Mans is the prime theme of my scale models collection. I have got nearly all the winners of this mythic race!

The Grand Prix races   

Who can stay indifferent to the fascination of the Formula One and its "circus" which along the season travels around several continents, bringing over crowds of supporters?

The other races   

The rallies! Who has never attended the Rally of Portugal, or the Monte Carlo, or the RAC? And what about the Mille Miglia? And the "stock cars"?

: a passion!   

I am a Ferrari fan, of course! Don't ask me why? I couldn't explain! Can one explain a passion?

The veterans   

Those dear rattletraps with their brasses, woods and leathers still seduce the motor-cars lovers, despite the lack of ABS, electric windows, air conditioned, in-car computer, etc. They are so beautiful, aren't they?

The vintage   

Between the two Great Wars, amazing, beautiful and huge cars were constructed! Who can forget them?


All the pictures of model cars in this section reproduce models of my own and have been taken by me. All the rights of using these pictures are reserved.

Ó 2002 Franclim Ferreira.

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