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Supported by the European Union

What is NetCim ?

NETCIM is a Europe-wide innovative initiative, which has been created by a set of centres from several countries, with the purpose of facilitating the incorporation of new CIME - Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering-Technologies in small and medium size companies.

Companies involved in the NETCIM Network have been long time devoted to these technologies and have a wide experience in developing activities of services, demonstration and training to the industry. Now, these centres have pulled together, and under a collaborative framework offer a joint effort to European SMEs.

NETCIM Network has been established with the support of the ESPRIT European programme.

Who can be interested in NetCim ?

The NETCIM Network addresses its services to small and medium industrial companies, aiming to improve their competitiveness by the introduction of new technologies.

NETCIM aims to cover today's difficulty encountered by SMEs when dealing with new technologies. Those SMEs interested about knowing how Information Technology and emerging CIME solutions can contribute to their business can contact NETCIM. The Network will act as an efficient bridge between the SME and the technology providers.

The NETCIM Network will also integrate the participation of other entities as research centres, academies or technologies suppliers, in order to create a wide platform for innovation on CIME.

NetCim Services-Technological Offer

The NETCIM Network adding the expertise and know-how of its nodes covers a wide field of the Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering Technologies.

The Network can provide information, assessment and service in state-of-the-art technology in the following fields:

  • Product and Process Engineering

  • Production Management

  • Manufacturing Automation

  • Control and Supervision

  • Integration of Information Technologies and existing CIME applications

Depending on the need of the SME, the Network offers different levels of service, such as:

  • Technological Diagnosis

  • Feasibility Study

  • Solution Design

  • Solution Development

  • Solution Implementation

How to contact NetCim ?

The easiest way is to contact your closest node or our WEB site at Internet:

In this site you will find detailed information about NETCIM, its organizations, the technological offer of the Network and its information service.


Participating Organizations

CCP - Centro de CIM do Porto

In July 1, 1999, CCP - Centro de CIM do Porto merged by integration with IDIT - Instituto de Desenvolvimento e Inovação Tecnológica, so this institution substituted CCP in the NETCIM Network.

Instituto de Desenvolvimento e Inovação Tecnológica

Rua do IDIT, Espargo



V. Le Virgilio N. 55
Emilia-Romagna R34 I-41100 Modena



Polígono Ibaitarte s/n
20870 Elgoibar, Guipuzcoa


IAI - Instituto de Automática Industrial

Carretera de Campo Real km 0.200
La Poveda - Arganda del Rey
Madrid 28500, España



Sapfous, 143
17675 Athens



Avenida Otaola, nº 20
20600 Eibar, Guipuzcoa



Associated Organizations

  • AIMME - Instituto Tecnológico Metalmecánico

  • CETEMA - Centro Tecnológico de Madrid

  • DIDYF - Departamento de Ingeniería de Diseño y Fabricación, Universidad de Zaragoza

  • ICT - Catalan Institute of Technology

  • IMT - Fundación Instituto Murciano de Tecnología

  • LMS - Laboratory for Manufacturing System, University of Patras


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