SistIng Project

Engineering Systems
for Preparing and Making Decisions
under Multiple Criteria


SistIng is a co-operation between higher education institutions of the European Union and Latin America within the ALFA programme (América Latina - Formación Académica) of the European Union. Its official start was in June 2004 and the duration is 36 months.


  • To improve the collaboration of scientists in Operational Research and Engineering in the subjects of the Optimal Design, Technology Generation, Process Operation, Production Planning, Logistic and Maintenance under Multiple Criteria, its integration into the Economic Management and the introduction of the reached results in Postgraduate education.

  • To assimilate the theoretical experiences and applications obtained in the universities members of the network by means of Doctorates and Post doctorates to scholarship holders and the visits of researchers from the universities of the network to other universities members.

  • To set-up a mathematically and technologically oriented educational network in the area of preparing and making engineering decisions under multiple criteria, considering subjective factors in the decision making process. The network should include educational degrees and exchange at the following levels: PhD, PostDoc, Lecturers.

  • To improve Postgraduate courses of the universities members of the network by similar courses from other universities members by means of the interchange of professor and training programs.

Motivation for the project

Contribute in establishing and improving relationships in educational context between LA and EU. A specific aspect of motivation from the members of the network is to improve the education of mathematicians and engineers in the recognition and solution of engineering problems as multiple criteria decision making problems.

Scientific fields

  • Mathematical Engineering

  • Systems Theory and Simulation

  • Multiple Criteria Decision Making

  • Multiple Objective Optimization

  • CAD/CAM systems

Intended results

  • The publication of studies and results of meetings

  • The creation of institutional documents resulting from meetings within the scope of the project

  • The implementation of proposals for improvement of academic and managerial aspects within the scope of higher education

  • The preparation of Web pages for the electronic dissemination of debates and documents important for institutional and academic management

  • The creation of academic and administrative management manuals

Partners of the SistIng network

Latin America

European Union


1st Euro-Latin American Workshop on Engineering Systems - SELASI

April 26-30, 2005, Universidad Nacional de Trujillo (UNT), Trujillo, Peru

In the scope of SistIng Project, a first workshop has been held in Trujillo, Peru.

The event was locally organized by the Departamento de Matemática of UNT and the active collaboration of the Universität des Saarlandes, of the ISPJAE and of the network as a whole.

For this event, all the universities of the network sent representatives, except the Universidad de Sevilla, for agenda reasons.

FEUP has contributed with the following three articles:

Structural Health Monitoring of Fibre Reinforced Composites Using Optical Fibre Technology and Artificial Neural Network, R. Oliveira, C.A. Ramos, A. Torres Marques.

NPT-IGBT Modeling Using a FEM Formulation and an Optimization-Based Parameter Extraction Procedure, Rui Chibante, Armando Araújo, Adriano Carvalho.

Integrated Design of Induction Machine and Power Converter for Electrical Generation, H.B. Gonçalves, O.F. Soares, Armando Araújo, Adriano Carvalho.

These works have been presented by Prof. Adriano Carvalho. Responding to a solicitation of the workshop organization, Prof. Franclim Ferreira presented a fourth work entitled:

e-Learning as a Tool to Assist Basic Electronics Learning.

See here the photos of the event, Trujillo and Lima!



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