Fernando Lobo Pereira is a Full Professor at FEUP, Director of ISR-Porto, head of SYSTEC Research Unit and ARISE Associated Lab and coordinator of the Systems and Control area of DEEC. PhD in Control Theory from Imperial College of Science and Technology, Univ. of London, 1986. Research interests: control, dynamic optimization, impulsive systems, coordination and control of multiple dynamic systems, autonomous systems as well as control applications in mobile robotics, power, and manufacturing systems.
Participation in 50 R&D projects funded by FCT and other PT funding agencies, EU, NATO, and other agencies. These projects address a wide range of issues in decision and control, from theoretical – optimal and control theories, hybrid systems, and coordinated control – to applied – design, development, of advanced autonomous, and coordinated control systems for unmanned robotic vehicles, manufacturing systems-levels. Author of a book and of more than 400 publications in highly reputed peer-reviewed int. journals, conferences, and book chapters.