Yurii Nesterov was born in 1956, Moscow. Master degree 1977, Moscow State University. Doctor degree 1984. Professor at Center for Operations Research and Econometrics, UCLouvain, Belgium. Author of 5 monographs and more than 120 refereed papers in the leading optimization journals. International recognition: Dantzig Prize 2000, John von Neumann Theory Prize 2009, Charles Broyden prize 2010, Francqui Chair (Liege University 2011-2012), SIAM Outstanding paper award (2014), EURO Gold Medal 2016.
Main research direction is the development of efficient numerical methods for convex and nonconvex optimization problems supported by the global complexity analysis: general interior-point methods (theory of self-concordant functions), fast gradient methods (smoothing technique), global complexity analysis of second-order and tensor schemes (cubic regularization of the Newton’s method), accelerated proximal-point methods.