PhD thesis completed

  1. Marcelo Borges Nogueira, Thesis: Cooperative Vehicle Localization in Networked Systems, FEUP, March 2013. (supervisor)
  2. Ricardo Ayres Gomes Bencatel, Thesis: Perpetual Flight in Flow Fields, FEUP, PDEEC, 2012 (supervisor)
  3. Fernando Auat Cheein, Thesis: Mobile Robot Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Oriented to Maximum Uncertainty Zones, Universidad Estadual de S. Juan, Mar 2009 (co-supervisor)
  4. Sérgio Loureiro Fraga, Impulsive Feedback Control: a Constructive Approach, FEUP, February 2009 (supervisor)
  5. Patrícia Alexandra Gregório Ramos, assistant ISCAP. Thesis: Advanced Mathematical Modelling for Outfall Plume Tracking and Management Using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Based Systems, March 22, 2005. (supervisor)
  6. Eduardo Alexandre Pereira da Silva, assistant in the ISEP. Thesis: Control of Autonomous Vehicles, January 20, 2003. (supervisor)
  7. Gil Manuel Gonçalves, “Enhancing Life Cycle Sustainability in System of Systems: An Event Driven Framework for Changeability”, FEUP, (supervision concluded in 2003).
  8. João Tasso Borges de Sousa, “Modeling, Control, and Optimization of Networked Vehicle Systems”, FEUP, (supervision concluded in 2002).
  9. Sérgio Reis Cunha, assistant in the DEEC - FEUP. Thesis: Semi-defined programming in Impulsional Control - Application in Air travel. DEEC, FEUP, December 19, 2001. (supervisor)
  10. Aníbal Castilho Coimbra de Matos, assistant in DEEC - FEUP. Thesis: Conditions of Optimality for Problems of Dynamic Optimization. DEEC – FEUP, September 10, 2001. (supervisor)
  11. Maria Amorim Margarida Ferreira, currently Auxiliary Teacher in the DEEC - FEUP. Thesis: A New Principle of the Maximum for Problems of Optimal Control with Restrictions of State. DEEC – FEUP, March 1995. (supervisor)