Postdoctoral students

1. Marcelo Nogueira. Period: 2014, 2nd semester. Topics: Cooperative Navigation, SLAM for AUV systems. Supervisor: Fernando Lobo Pereira
2. Alessandro Rucco. Period: August 2014-August 2015. Topics: Control of Supervisor: António Pedro Aguiar, Co-supervisor: Fernando Lobo Pereira
3. Vinayak Srinivas Prabhu. Period: 2011-2016. Topics: Analysis and design of logical and discrete event systems. Supervisor: Fernando Lobo Pereira
4. Yanrui Geng. Period: 2008-2012. Topics: Sensor fusion and navigation. Supervisor: Fernando Lobo Pereira, Co-supervisor: Luísa Bastos (FCUP)
5. Sujit Pedda Baliyarasimhuni. Period: 2008-2013. Topics: Cooperative navigation and control. AUV and UAV systems applications. Supervisor: Fernando Lobo Pereira
6. Dmitri Karamzin. Period: 2005-2012. Topics: Optimal Control, Impulsive Control, Optimality Conditions. Supervisor: Fernando Lobo Pereira