Acompanying Committee of R&D programs (CAT)

  1.  Mohammadreza Behzad Bayat, PhD Thesis: Nonlinear Robust Adaptive State Estimation, Supervisor: A. Pedro Aguiar, António Pascoal, Meeting: Jul 1, 2014.
  2. Andreas Johannes Häusler, PhD Thesis: Mission Planning for Multiple Cooperative Robotic Vehicles, Supervisor: Carlos Silvestre, António Pascoal, Meeting: Jul 7, 2014.
  3. Haider Ali Biswas, FEUP, PDEEC, PhD Thesis: "Necessary conditions for optimal control problems with state constraints: Theory and Applications". Concluded in Nov 18, 2013.
  4.  Duarte José Guerreiro Tomé Antunes, PDEEC, IST, UTL, Thesis: “Stochastic, Dynamic, and Periodic Networked Control Systems”, Supervision: Carlos Silvestre, João Hespanha, Meeting: Apr 27, 2011, Concluded in Nov 18, 2013.
  5. João Almeida, IST, PDEEC, PhD Thesis: Control over networks and the event based paradigm: application to multi-agent systems, Supervision: Carlos Silvestre, António Pascoal, Meeting: jun 27, 2013. Concluded in Nov 18, 2013.
  6. Francisco António Chaves Saraiva de Melo, IST, PDEEC, PhD Thesis: Reinforcement learning in cooperative navigation tasks, Meeting: . Concluded in: .*
  7. Sajjad Fekriasl, IST, PDEEC, PhD Thesis: Robust adaptive mimo control using Multiple-model hypothesis testing and mixed-\mu Synthesis,Supervision: António Pascoal, Michael Athans, Meeting: , Concluded in .*
  8. Paulo Jorge Ferreira Lebres, MSc Thesis: Process Management for Reconfigurable Production Lines, Supervisor:, Meeting: , Concluded in .*