Participation in other Technical and Scientific Meetings

1. Annual participation in the EUCA Administrative Council meetings as national representative from 2005-2012.
2. Foundation Luso-American for Development (FLAD) seminar by Dra. McNutt, 6Th Flad Lecture on Marine Sciences - “Exploring the Deep Sea with Robots”, FLAD, Lisbon, March 17, 2004.
3. FLAD Presentation of the Consortium ACT for the development of Maritime Systems and Technologies, October 2003.
1. Annual (almost) participation in the IFAC Technical Committee on Optimal Control meetings since 2001
2. Interest Group in Marine Robotics Meeting - IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, Minneapolis, Apr 23, 1996.
3. MAROBOT meeting, Toulon, Italia, Apr 1-3, 1996.
4. EUCEN Meeting (continuing education), Nantes, France, Apr 3, 1996.
5. Joint US/Portugal Workshop in: Undersea Robotics and Intelligent Control, Lisboa, Portugal, Mar 1995.