Bilateral Cooperation R&D Projects

1. BE MUNDUS, Research exchange in the fields of Control and optimization and applications in natural resources management, Ref. BM14AD0244 – Mobility grant between Porto University (FEUP) and IBILCE, UNESP, SP, Brasil (FEUP team coordinator).
2. FLEET - Advanced control of a fleet of heterogeneous autonomous vehicles, Bilateral Cooperation Program FCT and ANR (France), FEUP, SUPELEC, 2013–2015, (FEUP team coordinator).
3. Control for the Optimization of Resources in Agriculture, Bilateral Cooperation Program UP - USP (Brazil), FEUP, USP – São Carlos, 2012 – 2015, (coordinator).
4. FEUP/GRICES/CAPES/2006 - Aplicações de visão computacional e teoria de controle impulsional para sistemas robóticos autônomos, Ref. PROJ-65675, 2006-2008.
5. Impulsive Control, Bilateral cooperation Portugal-Brasil, GRICES-CAPES, FEUP, UNESP, 2004-2009, FAPESP 2009-2011, (FEUP team coordinator).
6. Estratégias de sensing para múltiplos veículos autónomos baseados em Teoria da Informação, Ref. PROJ-65689, INRIA-France, Eureka - Cooperação ICCTI/CNRS (França), 2004-2006
7. Necessary Conditions for Optimal impulsive Control, Bilateral cooperation Portugal-Russia, FEUP/ICCIT/RFBR/2004, FEUP, PFRU, 2004-08, (FEUP team coordinator).
8. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping using Multiple Mobile Robots Governed by Muscle-Computer Interface for Disability Rehabilitation, Bilateral cooperation Portugal-Argentina, Ref. PROJ-65679, GRICES-SECYT, 2008-2009, (FEUP team coordinator).
9. “Sonar Optimal Management and Reactive Control for Autonomous", Agreement CRUP-DAAD, 1996-1997 (FEUP team coordinator).
10. “Complete Coverage Path Planning”, Agreement CRUP-DAAD, 1998-1999 (FEUP team coordinator).
11. “Mobile Robotics”, Agreement JNICT-The British Council, 1995-1996, (FEUP team coordinator).
12. Navigation and Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Agreement JNICT-MESR (Ministry of French Superior Education), 1994, (FEUP team coordinator).
13. CASSETTE - Development and Demonstration of Control and System Evaluation Techniques for the Mobile Offshore Base, FEUP, University of California at Berkeley (UCB), 2000-2002.
14. Hybrid Systems Analysis and Design: Application to the Coordinated Control of Multiple Vehicles, FEUP, FLAD, NSF, 1998-01, (coordinator).
15. PATH-DEMO 2003, FEUP - University of California at Berkeley (UCB), 2001.