Other Contracts and FEUP funded projects

1. Avaliação de alegações contrárias apresentadas no âmbito de projetos submetidos ao QREN - FEUP/AdI/2014, 2014-2014.
2. “Design of Coastal Buoys” , FCUP, CIIMAR, 2007-2008
3. “Design and Construction of an AUV”, Contract with ISR Coimbra (LAUV), 2007
4. ASASF – “Cooperative Control of Autonomous Aerial Vehicle”, PESC program FEUP, GE0038, 2006-2009
5. CNES - Control of Networks of Embedded Systems, 115/7.2/C/NOR 2005, 2005-2005
6. WSNEII-WISI - Wireless Sensor Networks for Embedded Intelligent Infrastructures, Ref. 117/7.2/C/NOR, 2005-2005.
7. OEDNMO – Open Environment for Dynamic Networks of Manufacturing Organizations, Ref. 116/7.2/C/NOR. 2005-2005.
8. “Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Coastal Oceanography”, FEUP, 1995-2002.
9. Decision Support System for Spinning Operation, FEUP, ATMA, 1994, (coordinator).
10. COSIMA, Optimized Control of Manufacturing Systems, FEUP and Texas Instruments de Portugal, 1991, (coordinator).
11. “Optimal Control for the Design of Cancer Therapies”, FEUP, 1989-1991, (coordinator).