Recognition Committees of PhD degrees

1. Petia Georgieva Georgieva, FEUP, Apr 2003. Thesis: Robust Control (PhD. Degree from University of Sofia, Bulgaria).
2. Jorge Manuel da Silva Gonçalves, FEUP, Sept 2001. Thesis: Constructive Global analysis of Hybrid Systems (Main discussion member, PhD. Degree from Massachussets Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, EUA).
3. Carlos Filipe Gomes Bispo, IST, UTL, Jan 1998. Thesis: Re-Entrant Flow Lines (Main discussion member, PhD. Degree from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, EUA).
4. Carlos Baptista Cardeira, IST, UTL, Oct 1995. Thesis: Ordannancement des tâches et messages dans les systemes temps réels et répartis: une approache de resolution par les réseaux neurones. (Main discussion member, Docteur da École des Mines de Nancy, França).
5. Pedro Manuel Urbano Lima, IST, UTL, Sept 1995. Thesis: Intelligent Machines as Hierarchical Stochastic Automata. (Main discussion member, PhD. Degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Albany, NY, EUA).
6. Maria do Rosário Marques Pinho, FEUP, Fev 1994. Thesis: Optimal Control Problem with Differential Algebraic Constraints. ((Main discussion member, PhD. Degree from Imperial College of Science and Technology, UK).
7. Jorge Manuel Pinho de Sousa, FEUP, Porto, Jun 1990. Thesis: Time indexed formulations of non-preemptive single-machine scheduling problems. (PhD. Degree from University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium).
8. António Manuel dos Santos Pascoal, IST, UTL, Mar 1989. Thesis: Nonlinear Time-Varying Feedback Controllers for Linear Time Invariant Plants. (Main discussion member, PhD. Degree from Minnesota University, EUA).