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  1. The JRRT Page in Saskatchewan, Canada
  2. The JRRT Page in France
  3. The JRRT Page in Germany
  4. Bo Dahlstrvm's Tolkien Page
  5. A Tolkien Page in Swedish
  6. Howard Cohen's Tolkien Page
  7. The Rolozo Tolkien Page
  8. Peder Langlo's Tolkien Page (in Norway)
  9. The Electronic Tolkien Encyclopedia Project
  10. The Minas Tirith Page
  11. Bruce Jewell's Tolkien Page (in Australia)
  12. The Frequently Asked Questions List (FAQ) in hypertext and in plain text
  13. The Less Frequently Asked Questions List (LFAQ) in plain text
  14. Book List 1 (in Denmark)
  15. Book List 2
  16. Tolkien's Games Page
  17. Tolkien's Role-Playing-Games (RPG) List
  18. The Linguist's Resource List
  19. Tolkien's Poetry Index
  20. Movie:The Hobbit
  21. Movie: Lord of The Rings
  22. Movie: Return of The King
  23. Yahoo:JRR Tolkien
  24. The Role-Playing-Games List
  25. The Allsorts Middle-Earth Play-By-Mail Page
  26. Elendor MUSH. A hypertext information page is here.
  27. The Two Towers MUD.The hypertext information page is here.
  28. Aurora MUD.
  29. The Angband Page and The Moria Page, two Rogue-like Games based on The works of JRRT.
  30. Endor about The Middle-Earth RPG.
  31. The Tolkien's Language List Archive Home Page
  32. The Linguist's Resource List
  33. The Tolkien Society Home Page
  34. The Oxford Tolkien Society (Taruithorn) Home Page
  35. The Gothenburg Tolkien Society Home Page
  36. The Finnish Tolkien Society Home Page
  37. The Czech Tolkien Society Home Page
  38. The Stockholm Tolkien Society Home Page
  39. The Norwegian Tolkien Society Home Page
  40. Information about Quettar.
  41. Pictures by Angus McBride
  42. Jason Braun's Tolkien Gallery
  43. The Alan Lee Image Archive
  44. Verses from "The Lord of The Rings".
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  46. rec.arts.books.tolkien
    Tolkien related pictures
  47. Middle-earth related pictures made by Angus McBride (in sweden)
  48. FTP Directory in Portugal (in Portugal)
  49. In sweden
  50. In Finland
  51. In Poland


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