Automated Code-checking of BIM models: Yunxue Li

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Tese de mestrado de Yunxue Li, 2015

Orientada por João Poças Martins


In countries such as China, building codes are checked manually during the building design and the legal-drawings checking phase. This is an important task for designers and those who work in regulatory agencies. While manual checking process always leads to ambiguity, inconsistency in assessments and delays the construction process as a whole. With the development of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, the automated compliance checking systems for building codes becomes achievable. It is regarded as one of the technologies with the most potential to provide significant value to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Key challenges to a successful code-checking implementation is rule interpretation, it is critical to systematize the rules and make them tractable.

In the first part of this document, a general review of BIM implementation issues related with automated code-checking systems is presented, along with an assessment of current efforts in this area. In the second part, a code-checking procedure is proposed, that combines the currently most widely used model checker, Solibri, with the host application and model. After researching and testing, the workflow is designed to make a link between the checking process and the model modification one.

In the last part, a case study is developed to test the proposed workflow. In this case study, LOD 100 and 300 models of a high-rise building are checked for partial compliance with the Chinese fire protection regulation for high-rise building GB 50016-2014/GB0016-2006 (Zheng, et al., 2014) (Li, et al., 2011), and Chinese design code for office building JGJ67-2006 (zeng, et al., 2006).

Until now there is only limited user experience presented in this very young rule-checking systems research. It is expected that this survey can lay out a useful workflow needed for this area to mature.


BIM, Automated, Rule, Checking, Fire, Safety, Design, China.


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