Pedro Ângelo CV

My name is Pedro Ângelo and I'm a PhD student in the Digital Media Doctoral Program at FEUP in the scope of the UT Austin|Portugal program. My research is focused on building creative programming tools for high performance digital artworks running on heterogeneous parallel architectures.

I have a degree in Computer Science at the University of Porto, a post-graduation in Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments at the University of Minho and have completed most of the Master in Technology and Digital Art also at the University of Minho.

Before, I worked as a freelance research consultant for creative projects at the crossroads between Art, Science and Technology and was one of the founders and the Technical Director of doubleMV – I & D, a start up company that re-purposed video game technology for industrial applications. I have worked in both research and commercial projects that have encompassed such different areas as parallel rendering and visualization, virtual reality, video games, astronomical simulation, physical computing, computer vision and real-time 3D rendering.

Since 2006 I have been involved with the Audiência Zero cultural association and taught workshops on creative programming, audio synthesis, game development and data visualization, using tools like Processing, openFrameworks, Pure Data and Android. I have also been involved in the organization of the AZ Labs network, a set of spaces in Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon for knowledge sharing and creative experimentation in digital media.

I am an amateur musician and sound designer, Free Software and Free Culture activist, and a tinkerer with electronics and digital fabrication.