Two publications at Eurogaphics 2016 and one in CGI 2016

Eurographics 2016

We are in the organization of Eurographics 2016 and we are glad to anounce the following accepted papers:

R. Nóbrega, J. Jacob, R. Rodrigues, A. Coelho and A. Augusto de Sousa, Augmenting Physical Maps: an AR Platform for Geographical Information Visualization, Eurographics 2016-Poster, 2016 

Diego Jesus, Sketch Based Interaction for Procedural Modelling of Buildings , Eurographics 2016-Doctoral Consortium, 2016 


Diego also had  an accepted paper in CGI 2016:

Diego Jesus, António Coelho, António Augusto Sousa , Layered Shape Grammars for Procedural Modelling of Buildings , in CGI 2016, 2016.